January 19th, 2002

MM2 ending


wow. I had a really intense/amazing dream last night. It was so complicated that I dont think I could describe it. but basically it had to do with me being on some sort of team (all with people that arent real) and there was an emergency, like there was some super powered bad guy who was destroying where we were, and I had a little daughter. she was probably like 7, but all precocious like the daughter in the resturant of Niea_7, and i was kinda like the dad. but then I lost her and I was all sad, and had to go on some crazy movie/video game infiltration mission(like MGS or Lord of the rings. kinda both) and then I got her back and I was so happy.
Then It kinda turned into a mix of EOTL and the renfaire. LIke it was real like the ren faire, and people were acting all midevil, and some werent, and it was all big, and there was stuff on the ground that you could just pick up, like swords and stuff. and that was the EOTL part of it. Then i was walking around with all the crap i found on the ground, and i saw my daughter again (she had gone with her mom or soemthing when i was walkig around), and I was like "Julia!" which i guess wass her name, and it was her, and she was at a tent with her mom/my wife, except my wife didnt seem too happy to see me, like she thought i was weird and being silly. and i put all my stuff down at her booth and then oh, maybe i found like some powerfull object and then there was this weird Harry Potter/Lord of the rings/Time cop virtual reality/something else part where voldemort kept comming up later in time, and trying to take over the world, and I was on a team that had to stop him, and we had guns, and everything was happening in two locations and two timelines at once, like switching back and forth, like in some movie, and then I figured out it was all in the virtual reality thing in the future, and then this guy (uh he kinda looked like liquid snake) was in this regeneration tank, and he was actually voldemort, and he was controlling my temmates, and then I would have to fight them, but then woke up out of the VR thing (the vr thing was a lot like the matrix plugs) and then i went and opend up Liquids thing and everyone was happy cause the menace had been defeated, and my daughter was there.
Then I remember thinking "wow. this is a good place to get up, cause evrything ended"
It was really neat. I've nevr had a dream about having a family, specifically a daughter, and I've never had a dream where it actually had resolution.

I'm pretty sure that alarge part of that dream was influenced by the fact that I played majoras mask for like 5 hours before i went to sleep. and the last thing i did was heal this little girls father, and then they were all lovie. And I had to do it like 3 times because if you mess up on this one thing, you cant do it again until you go back to the first day. plus all the other zelda like things that were in the dream. but it was strange, and weird.

My dreams have gotten really interesting lately. that's usually a sign that my life is lame.
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Luffy Crack


anyone who likes cowboy bebop and/or trigun even alittle bit, I have something to send you. so get on AIM and I'll send it!
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i just figured out that i have KOF'99 for dreamcast. it's weird but neat to see the characters in their own game. but i didnt realize how much the graphics were re-drawn for CVS2. wow.
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it would be strange to be:
this girl
because her image is all over the internet. look at "the student" at the handspring site for just one example.
hrm.. I want to use her picture too...
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