January 21st, 2002

Luffy Crack

my day

eh... I got all the bombers notebook people. and so now I'm just missing two masks, and I will have them all. some of the stuff you have to do is really random. like the dancing ghost. how did they expect anyone to find that? but I still think shooting the aliens is the best part of the game. and when you run out of time it's pretty neat as well. I hope it dosent save to my overall die count.

soon, I will beat this game, and can move on to PS2 fun! or I can fail school. yes! both excitign1

I"m supposed to write an esssay on Martin Luther king in japanes. but I dont really know if there is more to the assignment. hrm... we shall see....
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Luffy Crack


can someone send me surf wax america and greenday's time of your life songs? I want them. they can be added to the 4 other songs in my mp3.com collection that arent retarded and/or jpop.

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Mega Man Party!

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one fucking picec of insence set off the fire alarm. that was lame.
i put the insence out with my fingers, that was cool.
now i have burn marks on my fingers that's lame