January 30th, 2002

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My super powers!

yes! My brillance!~
I submitted three shows to chataqua:
The first was all the clouds mystery hour scripts just all packed together. with no explanation other than the url of the website.
the second was the Go the Fox "play" (the actual name of which is Crystal Valley)
the third is called "the roman play" and is something that I wrote on a kleenex and stapled to the back of the submissions form with over eleven staples.
If i could print out my livejournal and all the comments, I would have submitted that, because that would have been interesting. Cause then it's like peeking someone else life, and then all the comments could be like conversatioins with the other characters. That would be cool. I think that's a good Idea. I think I will do that.

hahahahaha! man, I cant wait until the end of Febuary when We find out about the chataqua plays. it's gonna rock! hahahahaha.

Knowing that at least one person will have to read the "plays" makes it exciting. hahaha. and they're so long too! yet, they are mildy amusing. hohoho. I amuse myself to no end. char char! hrm, Time to write a paper, and fake a counced e-mail message to help prove that I sent it to my teacher on time, and it bounced back for some strange reason. hohoho. I love changing my computer's clock.
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