February 2nd, 2002

Luffy Crack

Stop sighing! It's not like it's my fault you're in my room, and i have to use the computer.

2:13 pm
I think it would be fun to go to burning man. fun... and naked. yeah. I would want to set up some sort of booth. that would totally rock. it would be something where people made stuff, like a story, or something and then i could put it on the internet. I guess a good idea would be like the sexy losers comic jam, where each person just came and continued the story. hey, i could even use my "unique and established" CMH format, and then people could write a script, and then take the pictures. this also lets people both a) add other things to the story (like a rock, or their hand, or someobject that they have) and b) play with toys. and everyone likes to play with toys. I should buy some ghetto toys that arent difficult to replace, unlike my current collection (excluding android 17 and the gundam) And so, each person could see what the previous person did, and make it into a continuing story. that would be really fun. each segment would have the authors name attached to it, and that would make them happy. of course, that's assumng i ever go to burning man. umm... I could really go for some naked. I wish was more in shape, then i would be naked more. that guy next door is all welldefned muscles and stuff, and walks around naked all the time, i shoould be able to do that. he says he likes my singing in the shower, of course all i've been singing lately is surf wax america. i dont know why i like that song so much. I just do. umm, naked. boobies... man, I want to do some hot chick. I think kaoru came by and read my MLK essay, because someone who can read it read it left a note on my board. I wish my pen was not a)not working, and b) not ganked and on the board of the people on the other side of the hall.
3:04 pm
I just read a book called "girls on the verge" by Vendela Vida. it was very inspiring. It educated me about wicca and las vegas wedding chaples and burning man, but most of all it made me think alot about the futile grasping for friends and meaning and belonging that humans do. On my pilgramage this weekend i had time to think about that stuff in realtion to myself. about people and what i'm doing, and about making a difference and future. It made me really appreciate my friends. I also wrote the first have of a song. I personally think it is very good. I wish i had a japanese word processor on megaman. I'm excited about going to chico this weekend (If that's still happening) I also want to see if i can get a single next quarter or something. not that i mind nick, but i think that having a single will allow me to better concentrate on my studies, and will help me appreciate when i do actually live with people. sou desu.

3:59 pm
The bus is a good exanple of diffusion!

10:05 am
Ff7 ambiguity scgtt mccioud styue.
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    I'm japanese in my pants. (I dont nkw what that means. the last post is the best.)