February 4th, 2002


More fun than anything! (http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/01/20020129-11.html)

the state of the union address is painful to read.
Especially the education part, as well as his assumption that we want to pay lots of taxes to fix whatever problems this excessive deficit spending will cause.
and i don't understand why bush wants us to use America's oil now. we should conserve it until the rest of the world has no oil, and then we can export it and rape the rest of the world. is he just worried that it will become an obsolete technology before we can burn it all? what a retard.
also, he uses the word "minorities" when what he means is to use the word "poor people" Minorities do not by definition live in squalid shanty ghettos. Poor people do. If you're going to talk about people who have a low income, and small, run down houses, you should describe them as poor people or a synonym.

Minority /= poor!!! Poor = Poor!!!!

What the hell does "let's Roll" mean? does he want everyone to have a giant E enduced orgy? or is this like the "autobots, transform and roll out" kind of roll, where giant mechanized things are moving? Maybe it's the roll from "stop drop and roll" indicating that there will be some sort of conflaguration, either real or metaphorical.
I wished he had talked about more than just "september 11th" (I really thing that's a rediculous name for that. I wish there was a better one. I wonder if they're gonna make it a holiday.) I kinda hoped there would be more than one paragraph loosely adressing ENRON, but I guess his mission was to spread pro-war propaganda, and that's what he did. I dont understand why he had to start his time in office with a negative view of russia. Was taht just so that he could later make friends with them, and act like he acomplished soemthing? Did he just want to re-live the presidency of Regan. BUh.
More fun than anthing!
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