February 7th, 2002

Mega Man Party!


I'm confused by people who are in both harry potter communities and hentai communities. and only thoes comunities.
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Fighting games for class!

Fighting games:

The art, science, and craft of teaching are embodied in the daily lessons and activities a teacher offers to students. As an introduction to the
instructional method, you will be asked to develop and teach a lesson to your class peers, based on a subject of your choice. The lesson should be
appropriate for an audience of university students. You will turn in your lesson design as evidence of this assignment, signed by each member of
your section. Use the lesson plan format provided below.
Lesson Plan Format Designed for Conceptual

What will Ss know, do, and feel as a consequence of the lesson?
e.g., text sources, visual aids.
Key Questions:
Designed to encourage thinking and checking for understanding
What will you say, show to students, and in what order.
Evaluation of Ss:
How will you know they understand what you taught?
How might
interested students continue to learn about the lesson's topic?
Evaluation criteria: application of lesson design, quality of lesson's concept, materials,
Contribution to overall grade/evaluation: 10%

Break down of fighting games:

キ 3d and 2d fighting games
キ true 3d games vs 3d games with 2d gameplay.
キ Combos
キ Chain combos (usually 2d games) vs ordered command combos
キ Light=>med=>strong button config vs other (tekken system/DOA system/Soul Calibur system)
キ Buffering moves and/or comboable moves
キ blocking button vs Blocking direction
キ Special moves and Super moves
キ Pretty much all games have special moves, while mostly 2d style Fighters have super moves.
キ Execution of special moves as quarter circle derivities vs Direction taps. (like in MK or Soul Calibur. Includes tekken and DOA style Button combination moves.)
basically, I define a special move as anything that involves pressing more than one button + one direction.
(Ie. Ken's towards + hard kick is not a special move, whearas yoshimitsu's meditation move is a special move.)
キ countering?
キ SFIII style parrying
キ Tekken/karin/geese style countering.
キ DOA style countering
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