March 7th, 2002



what the fuck!!!

damn you mSN fuck heads!!!!!!

Don稚 let your account freeze up!

Did you know that if your account goes over the 2MB storage limit, it will automatically be frozen? That means:
You won稚 be able to send any messages
All e-mails sent to you will bounce back without notification

Your account will stay frozen until you delete enough e-mail to put you under the 2MB limit. Then, you'll need to keep monitoring it to make sure you stay well under the limit.

The better option is to sign up for MSNョ Extra Storage. For only $19.95* per year (less than $2 a month) MSN Extra Storage gives you 10MB of storage � five times what you池e getting today. It's the easiest way to avoid a frozen account.

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Mega Man Party!

yo yo! i'm at the oddsey of the mind thingy.

hello! I'm in the thing that i went to all day on saturday. man. I like video games. blah blah blha! so. i dont know, what i'm gonna say about tings. but i'm occupying my fun on the thing. I'm going to type alot, but i dont know what. blah blah blah. so, i had a fun night last night. it's nice to have the room to myself. I tried to make more stuff for the store, and ended up finding iori porn. that was strange. but yeah. I dont rememebr. it was nice and relaxing, but it was somewhat relaxing. yeah. travis momoko. but that one comic i found had a really neat art style. I want to be able to do neat stuff like that.