March 10th, 2002


Something someone asked me to write

Hello, This is Cloud. My comic, Cloud's Mystery Hour, Of which I am the star, is a bizarre and surreal look into my life after Final Fantasy 7. The comic takes place on the set of my talk show, Cloud's Mystery Hour, however because I'm surrounded by morons and psychos, we almost never get to the actual talk show part. The tone of the comic is Humorous overall, however a large part of the appeal comes from the more serious interactions between the characters, and the failings of the characters them selves as they struggle with issues such as pride, Comradery, and loss.
One of The main features of Cloud's Mystery Hour, is the unique photographic style. The use of Photographic imagery juxtaposed with stylized, cartoonist characters, immersing the reader in a world that is both surreal and complete, as it is tangible and comprehensible. Plus it's silly and irreverent and made with action figures.
Features an All-Star Cast, with characters from Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Trigun, Megaman, Dragon Ball Z, and many many more!
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