March 19th, 2002

Mega Man Party!

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who was it that said they could get me a copy of flash and shockwave, or whatever? I dont rememeb. and i dont think that was a drunken conversaton, i think it was in ryan and matt's room on sunday...


balh balh not making japanese.
I made a magical icon. it's the new logo. yes. until a better one is made. if you dont like it, take it upon yourself to make a better one, cause i think there should be a betteer one!
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The real Mystery

ok, so today i've gotten the 4th e-mail from people requesting to be taken off the CMH mailing list who arent on the Mailing list. this leads me to believe that somewhere along the way the e-mail is getting sent to additional people somehow. I'll have to hold off on it for a day or two.
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