April 1st, 2002


cant sleep

hello. mny name is chris. i cant sleep. at all. which is strange. i mean, i went to bed at 11:30 but i woke up an houe ago, and i've been awake the whole time, which is an hour. and it sucks. blah. and of course, when you'rea awake you think about things, but i dont want to think about anything right now, especially the kins od stuff that you think of when you cant sleep. i'm suprised that i ca tupe so well, caseu the home key dots are mac style, and i'm used to the pc sty;e` ydH. zo i dont know. i think i woke nick up with my typing. all i can hear is a low humming like a sub woofer with nothig but interewearance coming through it. my head hurts. In therory i should read, but that would keep up nick more than my noizdy fypsinv. ywH.. tell me do you know of the seven d seventy. i want to be high in the sky like a srisbee. um. actually i want to eitehr be asleep, or playing banjo, or reading, and not sittig in my bed thinking about wheon i would talk to michhael ho in 8th grade about privateer and les miserables. i dont know. i kinda miss people from high scvhool, but i also dont. like, it would be nice to see them, but
i just realized that instead of this i should type out e-mails that i need to send to my teachers. yeah. so, no more stories about mike ho. for you at leaast. maybe I'll go dirnk more water in the hall in my underware.
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oj, soi jusr wrote my two letters to my teachsers. it went well. hrm. I'm still not about to fall asleep. I should take this time to outline my ideas for the technology lecture that I want to do for the kiddies.
vAUXkktm (that's supposed to say basically) I think that i could teach them about the internet, and help them make their own webpages about anything they want, and theach them that the internet is really about being about to do antying. and not just the inetenet, but computers in general.
*another i dea i had was to help them look up something that they're interested in. like teach them how to use a seach enjine on something, but also yeah... that might be alittle harder, but maybe i can teach them a skill...

hrm that's something to think about. do i want to teach a concept or a skill? i think that the webpage thing is mroe a concept, the concept that they can do aything they want, whereas the seachign is just a skill. although basic internet knowledge is an incredibly usefull skill that they really should have. oh, nick just turned on his fan. that meant that i was keeping him up with m typung. yeah, probably. he cant sleep either.
I also want to do some other technology oriented skill, such as making shirts. I think that would be fun. although I dont see how well that would work short of me buying and making all the shirts iron on style. I dont hink I really have the capacity to do that, although it would be really fun... although, i do need to ivest a certain amount of time in this, so it is appropriate. yeah. I'm excited. hrm, what else is technology good for. well, I could take my digital camera to school, and do soemthing fun like that...

another idea could be a class story. like they all write a story together and everye illustrates their page, and yeah. but that's actually too hard for teh kids.

i think that the kids could have a webpage easily. I'll just do anglefire or something. or maybe even pay for a geocities page for them. I think that they could each write a story or soemthing. oh, but the best part of technology and the internet is the interactivity, so there would have to be surveys and stuff. hfm... i hacce an idea...
they could have a class Livejournal, and there would be someoe who would write down what the class did durig the day, and then at the end of the day someone would type it in. and the class;s livejournal could be put into their main page.. yeah, but using livejournal is kinda stupid. I guess the only think it would facilitate is the ease in inputting the log. of course, what would tha serve to do? i dont know. I think that this thingy needs more focus.

another part I need to think about is the time aspect. for example, would I go and help them during their comuter time every day? or would i develop a one shot curriculim I could do all at once at lunch. I kinda like the cumulitive Idea better. Although the thought of having to use thoes antiqyated computers makes me shutter. I bet we have better computers just sittig around upstairs. yeah. what do they have, Like performas ? oh wait!! they just got new 8100s i think. yeah. although they're using these tiny 12 inch monitors. i wonder if we could donate one of the monitors I just put in the closet to the school tax-writeoff stylE/f fuvki you typing in the dark!!
ywah, i think that's what we should do. and I really want to go and buy better headphones, or at least headphone extenders, cause they're way too short.

but back to the assignment at hanf... i dontknow. internet probably, but I need to make something interactive. yeah... uh I'll thik of somehting. I'm going to talk to the teacher on tuesday, and we can come up with some ideas then.
oh, and since I'm not goig to sleep, i'll weirte an e-mail to my mom telling her about the monitor idea. and I also need to wweite my dad about the plane ticket to japan. of course, I need to study japanese and do well, but I'm gonna get up at 9 and do that. so huzzah
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(no subject)

To: "Choji Moji"
Subject: An MP3.com Fan has sent you an email!

The following message was sent to you from a visitor to your
page on MP3.com. MP3.com is not responsible for its content.

Iエm a 18 year old dude from Sweden...Iエm a big fan of yours...I found you guys on mp3.com not that long ago...

I wanted to ask if you could send me an autographed copy of your cd/photo/shirt or something???

That would be so cool

Iエll try to spread your music the best way I can back here in Sweden...I promise Iエll play your tunes in the record store where I work..

Hereエs my adress

I think that should be ok!
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Brittany wants zinc. Red and green. White is OK too.It's cheep and
comes in little round metal containers. (usually) You put it on your
face for sun protection. Its really hard to find, but I know you can
get it in Santa cruz because one of the swimmerd just did.

You can buy it on the boardwalk at santa cruz. maybe the o'neil's surf shop.

Or/and you could get her a tank top with a surfing logo on it. She
would probably wear a girls medium or a unisex small. She likes red,
grey, flowers, etc. You know.

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