April 3rd, 2002

MM2 ending

good stuff. (thursdam)

ok, so i finally drGED MYSELF OUT OF BED AFTER lots of "ok, I'm gonna get up now... no i'm not really" crap, and got breakfast, and put half of it into a ziploc bag to use as my lunch, and got on the bus and went to elementary school. once i got ther I figured out that they were still on spring break. and then I was like "ok, and like an idiot i didn't bring my phone." and then I tried to call lauren on teh pay phone becaseu i thought she might want to go to the warf becasue she lives right by it, (and at the same time pick me up) but she was not home. so I started the walk backf rom swift street to campus. on teh way I decided to stop at the animal hospital. that wasn't very interesting, but it made me think of thoes ill fated kittens. (the pads on my left hand are all weird from playing banjo, and the keyboard makes them tingle.) but then i decided to sit on a bench outside the donut shop.

I really really like people. I mean, i love to see people and think about their everyday lives, and i like to see when they are happy becaseu of the little things. it's really strange becaseu I hate high fadellity (sp!!!). As i was sitting I thought about what to get my grandmother for her 100th birthday this weekend. casue I'm the most horrible person at buying gifts for my family, becasue i just am lame and dont usually do it. (although i bought a dvd for my dad for christmas. that was unusuall) but I hate how shitty I am at recipracating things. i used to be all generous, but then my mom made me all frugal and selfish. of course, it means that i'm in a better position in life now than some of my friends in various respects, but it's still pretty lame of me. I mean, I bought nate a $5 book on slide guitar as a pathetic attempt to thank him wasting at the very least 10 times that much on me, and my mom's all, "hrm... I hope you arent wasting your money..." (the book seemed really good from what i gleaned from it. now i want to go and practice banjo.) but yeah. and I want to go and get that zink stuff for m sister. but, yeah. I like watching people, and putting myself in their lives for a second. and so anyways as I was sitting there i saw this kid michael come by on his skateboard with his dad and little brother on a bike (i think he was on one of theos little kid bike attachments things.) and they looked like they were having alot of fun. I thought it was strange yet wonderful that his father was the one taking the kids out for fun. he was tell him in a gentel yet concerned and serious way that he needs to make sure that he looks both ways before he crosses the street. oh look, the bus i could have taken back just passed. that means I've been out for an hour. (I'm in front of the subway now BTW LOL!)
yeah. but I it's strange to think that this kid has serious learning problems, and is going into the special ed class next year. he's so nice and even though he barely understands what's going on in class, he keeps trying. yeah. so i need to think of what to get my grandmother, and i need to think about what to get my sister. it's really hard, casue all she does is go to school and swimming/waterpolo practice.
I cant believe how old i am. It's strange. thinkinga bout how i used to ride my bike to peoples houses. it's strange. I found a ninjaturtles website the other day. that brought me back. I read little bios, and learned alittle more how the turtles came about. I think that they should be revived. but man, they came out with some stupid ass toys! i mean, don as dracula?!?! what were they thinkging???
that dosent even make sense. hahah my post is getting so long that there's not enough memory to kepp up with my typing. but that's ok. I dont think about will read this. I'm excited cause I dot really have class. but I cant enroll in anything casue of fuck and shit. I want to do some 50's style making out. and boob playing with. Lauren was showing me this hentai last night, and i was like, buh, getting aroused. and she was like blah blah blha, girl stuff (except that's not what she said, it's just i dont think it's appropriate for my livejournal.) and i spent forever on the pact community that probably no one is going to use, casue theire lazy and stuff, but i think it will get use during summer ok now it's so slow i cant do anything. time to post.
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Luffy Crack

The tail of Sparky

hello. Most of you dont know this but for some reason, I have alot of pigment in my genitals. like ALOT my cock is basically black becasue of all the pigment. I dont know why, it's just some weird genetic thing. well, yesterday I thought it would be fun to try and bleach my skin. So I got a bowl of bleach and soaked my genitals in it for an hour. that really hurt. but I managed to endure the pain, and now I have a dick that looks like a dalmation. I named it sparky. the end.
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Children's theatre people

I think i should make a PACT community. reply to this if you're interested.
then I'll add everyone, and we can all be Children's theatr4e dorks! huzzah!
actaully, I'll make the community now. and then it'll be neat! and you can join!