April 14th, 2002


Music for soul!

I just want to see Something new on this page. I really Like the layout that I chose, and it's neat. I'm gonna make more on the website.

I need to update the mp3 page, and all that good stuff. blah, maybe I'll be truant on monday and give myself some slack. blah, that would be lame!
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I e-mailed skeletor thing people. then I discovered that the site is in some northern european languege. so I signed their guest book in japanese, cause it seemed more cosmopolitan.
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    Bubble bobble!

I have permission to do skeletor!!!

To: "Chris Webster"
Subject: Re: Skeletor is the greatest thing ever!

I'm glad that you and your friends enjoy my animations, I appreciate your
This whole festival-thing sounds really great! More people need to be
exposed to stop-motion Skeletor action and this sounds like a great
opportunity to spread the insanity... Go right ahead, you have my full
Hopefully, this kind of exposure for Skeletor and Gang will result in a
greater international appreciation of the higher forms of art, but it could
also directly result in the destruction of the entire human race, either
way, good luck!


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