April 16th, 2002


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i really hate the internet!
I got all this work done, and then came back and managed to waste 40 minutes becasue of it. that and stupid online puzzlebobble! dman them all!
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Choji Moji - Kepp em comming.

Bobby made a really good song using hip hop ejay. he did exactly what I was planning to do if i had more time and stuff. It's called dont wanna go home.
He's still working on it, however. Maybe soon it will be online, or something, along with the like 30 other songs that should be online. maybe it'll be a choji moji birthday party. I wonder what month this actaully started. this song is kinda country sounding. man it's so great!

ALso, Choji moji dosent get to play at the gunn highschool battle of the bands, because ben didn't turn in the demo cd on time. oh well. maybe next time.
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    Don't wanna go demo - choji moji