April 19th, 2002

Luffy Crack

Japan attack!

i had really neat dream. this guy I knew became shogun of japan, and so i was all tight with the shogun, and got to be an advisor, except it was all at college 8 dining hall, and then we were at my old cabin in pine mountain lake, except it was huge, and there were like 13 peopel living there, like in the real world. and then there was pokemon or soemthing, but all the pokemone characters were old, and like ash was 35, and still trying to get all the pokemon, and there were new characters and brock had kids, or something, and it was all special, and there was weird speaking in japanese stuff. and it was special. then I was talking to the teacher at the elememntary school, and then I was outside smoking some weird clove thing, and then I went home, and my teacher was like, the japanese are bombing us. you should go downstairs, and call your dad at the store, and i did, and like there were these grandmothers there playing cards, and they're like dont go down to the bottom basement. and then i tried to call my dad's store, but i couldnt figure out how to dial out on the phone. and then i woke up. but I think they started bombing first.
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