April 22nd, 2002

Mega Man Party!

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wow! they patched Puzzle bobble, and now the attacks last super long. like blinder really jacks you now. maybe I hsold start playing as a different character. one with more items now...
Luffy Crack

I will make mood icons!

i feel bad for nick, because he's like I'm not sleep ing until 3 on tuesday. and that was on sunday. poor boy. I had japanese test this morning. I studied alot, and Think i did well, despite not having the 19 study sheet. but I think my japanese is finally getting to the point where i have enough skill that i can still do decently without knowing the specific things that we were supposed to have learned in a chapter. as long as I know the vocab. that's the biggest annoyin part. ma! I get to shower! yuayayay!
I like the banjo. I'm doing well in that too. of course, I still need to get to the point where i can do my major,. yeah... or I wasted 1.25 hours on the computer. blueessss.
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