April 28th, 2002

Mega Man Party!

I feel weird

I feel weird. I drove to berkely, which is an acomplishment for me, because I almost never drive, and especially since I'm in santa cruz now with no car, or any reason to go anywhere. and that was neat. it was weird how the campus is like right downtown. in fact, it's fucking insane! This cell shaded anime is weird. blah!!!!!! the kid's name is Zero. he is voiced by the young knives and the new tetsuo voice actor. blah, I cant think anymore, and stupid berkely students just tried to get into academic contests to prove that they're better than santa cruz students. blah, but i couldnt think, and I'm like damn you drugs! I hate everyhting! and I listened to brittney spears the whole way, cause that was the only music i had, but the cd was skipping so i just listend to the first 5 tracks over and over

my wife kiced me in the crotch once.
you mean your mule?
yeah. why, what did i say?
you said your wife.
really? I did 6that?
yeah, you've been doing that alot lately.
I have a sword here.

I bought the DDR konamix for my sister. it came with a free ps1 memory card, even though in the add it said free ps2 memory card, which oul haave ben nice, cause thoes cost $40, and the game was like $30. and I found all this old mac software for the elementary schoiol.
what the hell is this boy wearing? like little hotpants and stuff. this anime is weird.
so, i bought pirate spawn also. he can move alot and stuff.
I thought that the last part of the book was neat, cause it tlaks abot words and stuff, and not revolution and stuff.
this anime is neat. I cant think anymore at all.
Why are the boys wearing hot pants and guarder belts?

Cowboy bebop is a really god show. Waltz for venus is such a good episode. I hadnt seen it before. maybe I need to sleep more, or eat better. I cant get satan out of my head. stupid robot satan. have chuck nire ching. me shui wuly met qe. vuiety aome neyos! curp mine ahue pi culeys puihern. zoul fuoy euns aupynuel azuy, eystyue... mary mugiuh jixah emhsu.

I'm not too fond of the new DDR songs, but they are certainly along the lines of what type of music americans like, although I wish they had the saints go marching. maybe it will be a secret song. I need to do stuff. at least I'm mostly on task. I wish they would explain the airlines tickets instead of beaigh like "buy a ticket, and mmaybe we'll buy you a new ticket." war is piercing. red

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