May 3rd, 2002


this is an e-mail. why did I type it in Livejournal?

ok, so I decide I'm gonna play ff8, and try to beat it, and then I play the boss that killed me 2 years ago before i stopped playeing, and then I beat it, and it was hard, cause I dont really remember how to play well, and then the stupid game crashes. what the hell. I think it's cause I'm playing on a ps2, with the special options turned on. sad sad.
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work blah + other work, and not returning e-mails.

yay! I've taken all the photos I've taken over the past like 3 months, and put them int the CMH frame so now I just have do all the difficult editing/special effects, and then put the words on them. and then post them, and then write crap about them. and make some new "says" icons. I think Cloud needs a new one cause I figured out that his is actually like 100x91, and it's being streached funny. yeah... blarg. fart fart.
blah, I really want to advance the plot. I think once I get past this stupid seifer hole I dug It will be better. except I never took the pictures of the climatic battle with seifer, so that's gonna be special. and by special i mean difficult to do. blah. Maybe I can just put them into another dimension with special editing tricks. yes... but that's gonna happen later. blah, this comic is alot of work. blah.
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Luffy Crack


よ!皆元気か?今日はいい天気だったね.えと。。。この週末に映画を見たい。何か面白い映画があるか?誰か知ているか?えとう。。。Chautauqua があるね。。。 おれの差書くは為るくになる物。bぁh何しているおれが?日本語を書けない。性は大変難しです。
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