May 5th, 2002

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I'm horny. I want to make up and stuff. blah! there are some nice girls in my cast, but that would be weird. and I dont have time to meet people. jkndsjkndsj

japaneses test plus book reading = super fun happy slide!
hey, does someone want to buy a book for me at the litteray gillitine? it's called dogeaters, and hopefully it wont inspire me to have horrible graphic nightmares again.
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wow! I just got back from the first tech run of crystal Valley, which was also the first rehersal where all 20 of the actors were there. I was blown away by how good it all looks, and how it totally turned out how I envishioned it! It's great to work with talented actors and directors who ended up acting/directing everything as I would if I were in their shoes. It's such a wonderfull feeling! I really urge everyone to see it, cause it's turning out funny and great, but there's also really talented break dancing in it. it's a hoot! man! I'm so super psyched! I'm gonna try to video tape it, but it's not going to be as good as the actual thing. man. only one week left!!!! wuuuu!!!!
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Mega Man Party!

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shiver me timbers! I got pirate spawn back. now he, dark shinider and eva 00 and 02 are on my desk. the rest are in cardboard boxes on my floor. feeling sad that I have no where to put them in this littl little room.


Moltar, brak and Zorak action figures are here! only $13-16

space ghost was like $20, so that's not too bad. must have brak!