May 8th, 2002

Luffy Crack

Crazy old prospector

i should randomly cooerce people into adding my journal, just so that I would get more replys, and people downloading my music.

of which I mae more today.
oh, and I dedicated a song to "the memory of the band spishak"
jon should IM me when he wants to hear it. it's like a minute.
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Luffy Crack


I just thought about how my sister's wedding is going to be all jewish style, with portions in spanish. That's kinda weird. I get to be one of the people who holds the hoopa poles, or whatever it was called, i forget. I wish I could read faster. although the book I just went through had alot of very small words crammed on very thin paper, so it looked like a 100 page paperback, but was really 250 pages, of like 10 point font. but oh well.
yesu, my theatre teacher sent out a mass e-mail Crystal Valley telling my lit class to see it. which is appropriate seeing as it's a lit class, and it's something I wrote yar.

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I've been getting alot of porno spam from "jennifer" and "Brittany" and it's distrubing me.
(cause thoes are the names of my sisters)
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god, this stupid japan beauracracy crap has protracted itself out till may 15th. crudy crudy crud! but that's good, cause Basically If I get my Japanese teacher to write a letter of recomendation for me, I can go to japan. yay! but it's all fucking rediculious crap why it got to this point in the first place. plus, my birthday and adress are not correct, from the stuff I got from Japan, and that means that their beauracry has screwed that part up, which is different than the crap that messed me up on this side of the ocean. I did decently on my History midterm, but once again circumstance poked the manhandler up my ass, using only the lube from the lubracated condom, and se I wasn't able to study at all for it cause I was A) not here and b) even if i was here, I didn't have a computer, and all the notes are online, so poooooo. but i got the extra credit part correct.

Jessica haggadorn
Hello! I had a nice conversation with Jessica on the bus on the way back from class, and we talked about stuff, and I'm gonna try to remember it, but my short term memory is not working lately, and it sucks. uh.
*Zack's work vs jessica's work is cultural specific
Jessica creates an imaginary phillipeans, and therefor has to explain everything. in that way, she creates a novel that is "for foreign audiences" as opposed to zack's rolling the Rs which just plunges you in, and dosent really explain anything, the phillipeano stuff, or the american pop culture stuff. I told jessica, that seeing as that is the case, a phillipeano reader should be able to "understand" the phillepeano part, conversly, an american reader should be able to "understand" the american part. well, I'm american, and I found much less to relate to in the charlies Angles-esq refrences, than the phillipeano refrences.
In Dogeaters, because she delineates her wrold for the reader, it is unversially comprehendable in that respect. Of course, within her world, she uses lots of foreign words, without explaining them, and that adds a whole nother (wow, that's not a word) level of intamacy with the readers who can understand the tagala. It took me most of the book to realize that tismis was "gossip".
I dont know if this makes any sense.

*the gay male is a philipeno tradition. it stands out in light of all the christian traditions we've been raised on, and I thought it was because both the authors were gay. but apparently it's a historical story or something.

I really identify with dark shinider. I like his costumes and stuff.