May 18th, 2002


This is what my name means

In the second semester of my junior year of highschool, I went by "Adam" in my english class. Adam is my middel name. my "whole" name is Christopher Adam Webster. I like to think of myself as Chris.
Acording to my parents, I was named Christopher, becaseu they didn't know anyone who was named chris. Later they found out that Christopher was one of the most popular names for kids born in my year. As a result, I've met alot of kids who have the same name as I do. However, I wouldnt say I "share" my name. To me, Chris is me, and me only. Anyone else is an abstraction.
Historically, Christopher means "christ child" or something like that. I dont think that has any sigfnificance to me. Chris mean power and knowledge and skill and tenacity. But not any Chris, Only the Chris that I bestow on a letter or a work of art, or a file on my computer. Actaully when I think of it, I'm somewhat ashamed of seeing my name in my handwritting on an assignment or something, because it is so commonly associated with the low grade written far too close to it. I really hated that.
What does my name mean? My name means me. That's not a good answer. I like the shape of teh C, and I like the I and the s. Ireally dont like t, and I'm suprised when I remember I have one in my name. in fact, I'm so used to Cutting it i half, that I forget that Chris is only half of my name. And what ahoit the other parts of my name? my middle name, and my family name?
I don't really care for my family name too much. It dosent feel like me the way my given name does. When i think of my family name, I get a feeling of subtltly and power and respect. It's a W, so it's exotic, and I dont have to worry much about figuring out where to go in an alphabetically segragated situation. The W suits me because it is exotic, but not freakishly so like a Z or an X. Webster... Like the Dictonary? yeah. Are you related? it's possible. I dont actaully know much about my dad's side of the family, other than it dosen't really exist anymore. in fact, other than when I am directly in contact with him, I know almost nothing about his going ons. Webster, It means "worker" or something like that. I would call myself that, although I'm sure neither my mom or any of my teachers would call me that.
Middle name. it means "the adam that's in the bible. yeah, the naked one that screwed up and got kicked out of paradice." hopefully that dosent apply to me, although much like the daily horroscope, I can certainly find application for it. Especially the "screwed up" part. i think the only relation with the biblical guy that I would choose to associate myself with would be that origial Adam was a hot, sexy, muscley guy as befitting a denizen of heven.
That's probably Why I am Chris and no one else is, because there was no Chris before me. i dont have anyone else's vissage or personality to live up to, no movie star, or ex girlfriend, or crazy uncle to compare myself with. My parents really had something when then named me, becasue they gave me the chance to be uniquely me. I think I'm going to have to rethink my idea of aming my kids after video game characters, because I dont want to deprive them of this oppurtunity.
I plan to have children. Enevitably Thoes children will need names. I've always liked naming things. I named my pet fish, and my pet cat, and my pet guinnie pigs. I also name all my video game characters when ever the game lets me. I like to give names that resonate with power and originality. But I have trouble making up new names. My cats are all named after TV characters, my guinnie pigs are named after other people's pets, my fish are named after Video game characters and my video game characters are named after other video game characters. When I have children I'm going to name them after Robots. I think Zero is a good name. well, actaully, I dont think it's a good name. It's a name that's brimming with potential ridicule. That is why I will give Zero the middle name Adam. So little Zero can choose to call himself Adam and escape the veonom of his peeers. Maybe then I will meet Adam Robot. That would be Crazy!

Cybernetic Humanoid Responsible for Infiltration and Sabotage/Robotic Obedient Being Optimized for Troubleshooting

Mechanical Electronic Guardian Assembled for Mathematics and Accurate Nullification

Android Designed for Assassination and Mathematics
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