May 25th, 2002



llok! i got home at now. it's six? I dontk now. yes. talked to momoko roommate, and I' want sex alotf now, soymoeone better give it to me!!!!!! damn, nigga! uh, I talked about movies, ai nta njfdsnjkdfklsfd gjknfg sdnkldsf njk fsgfkjndfsnkjdsf

good party/my play is godd ooheoheoheoheohe!
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Luffy Crack


hello. I'm trying to write somethign. I have no idea what I'm going to write about...
ok, how about some friends who want to have a band. maybe this will be for my japanese play.
so, they want to have a band, and talk about it and such. hrm...
ok, so:
their names are kyle, rude, and menzokai mishimazoku. and they all live together, and they have a pet cat named louw. Louw louw is a bobtail manx, so he has high back legs. he is orange and black (which isn't a real color for manx)
so they're all early 20s. and living in a little bungalo, like kevilns old cal poly house.

soo... nihongo wo hanashimasu.

K: yo. mina. genki ka?
r: nan da omae? shigoto he ikenakatta ka?
K: chigau ne, menzoku ga shigoto wo motte.
r: un wakatta wakatta... eto.. kyo ha...
k: uuuun... mokuyobi to omou. nani shitai omae?
r: uuuun.. flogging molly no concert wo mitai ka? ashita de.
K: ja, kane ga motte nai zo. oya oya, ore ha nemuiyo... yawn. nan ji ka?
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