May 31st, 2002

Mega Man Party!

Snake says:

I think that the la li lu le lo installed someone as stupid as bush so that people would want to assisnate him, and then they would have even more reason to fight everthing!



Do you have blacks in Brazil?

It is said, that, before September 11, George W. Bush thought the Taliban were a Bavarian brass band. Now, thanks to his comprehensive knowledge, the most powerful man in the world has got into hot water again.

Rice helped Bush from the leave in the lurch

Washington - It was Condoleezza Rice, national security advisor, who helped her boss out of the embarassing situation. During a conversation between the two presidents, George W. Bush, 55, (USA) and Fernando Henrique Cardoso, 71, (Brazil), Bush bewildered his colleague with the question "Do you have blacks, too?"

Rice, 47, noticing how astonished the Brazilian was, saved the day by telling Bush "Mr. President, Brazil probably has more blacks than the USA. Some say it's the Country with the most blacks outside Africa." Later, the Brazilian president Cardoso said: regarding Latin America, Bush was still in his "learning phase".

thanks mermel!
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I told Joey that Maybe David's band and Choji Moji could do a cd split for selling at the show. yeah.

elks lodge, pa 7-10 14th,
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