July 16th, 2002


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I7m going to to a report on Arcades. so could someone (lauren) take pictures of the people and various things in an arerican arcade, so i can contrast them with pictures of japanese arcades. things that I7m looking at:
types of people at arcades
different types of games (fighting, ddr, shooting, typing, gambling, baseball...)
standing vs sitting
arrangement of multiplayer games (in japan you sit and each person gets their own screen and cant see the other person.)
non video game games (shooting gallery, racing games, pinball games, stupid psycich read things. thoes stupid crade things)
size of the buildings
atmosphere (do they decorate it, is it smoking allowed?
condition of consoules (does each game have its own marquee? are there the right number of buttons, or is there just some random used MKII consoul with puzzle bobble in it?)
social aspect (do people talk to each other ? are they friends or strangers? do people come in groups or by themselves? do they bring their girlfriends? are they happy looking? are they drunk and talking about korean pride?)
gender/age (what gender/ age plays what games?)
atarashi (are there mostly new games at the arcade? or do we have a choice of x-men vs street fighter and the simpsons game)

that:s the general outline for the reasearch. so if anyone has some time and a digital camera, could you take pictures of an american arcade (such as the boardwalk) capturing the essence of such things, and put them online some where? (I have a really strict firewall, so you wouldnt be able to IM them to me.) thank you. that is all.
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