July 23rd, 2002

Luffy Crack


Hello. I am in Japan for the 3rd or 4th time. It's really nice.
I figured that I should update and tell people what's going on in a more comprehensible post.
first, I was planning to post pictures of my living accomidations, and my bike and keitai(cell phone) and such, but the firewall at Global house (where I live) dosent allow ftp connections. so I'll probably end up e-mailing them to someone, and having them post stuff. This is too bad, because I already have several new toys that I want to post pictures of. so yes. the first two weeks i was here it was the rainy season. I bought flip-flops right before it started to rain, so that I wcould wander around in the rain, and not get wet sock/shoes (which you all know is one of the few things I can't stand.) So I rode my bike around in the typhoon, and it was very warm, so that was fun. I tried to buy my phone then, but the place was cloased since we came after 5. I got it the next day. but most of you already know about my phone, because I've e-mailed pictures to you from it. Hrm... I should e-mail Emika some pictures, because she explicitly asked me to send her stuff. yes... so most of the girls I've met/seen here have been nerdy/ugly/bad teeth/huge moles which really isn't their fault, or anything to hold against them, it just goes agaisnt the ever popular stereotype that all Japanese girls are hella cute and such.

I painted my bike, and put some kaizoku(pirate) STUFF ON it, and people say it looks really cool in both english and japanese. I almost bought a guitar from a leaving OYR (one year regular student; exchange students like myself) but it was ni man en (20,000 yen about $200) and i figured that there were other things that I should do with my time/money while I was here in japan, so I didn't. hrm... It's pretty expensive here, but that's only because people get paid alot more. so yes, a dvd cost $40, but people get like $15/hour minnimum practically. I've spent a significant amount of time in the arcades, significant achievements being A) 7 straight victories against japanese challengers on Guilty Gear XX using Jonny, having never played it before, and having only a vauge comprehension of the game mechanics and B) Beating Soul Callibur II without losing a fight using Voldo. that was fun. he's alot better in that game because his attacks come from all over, so if he gets turned around, it dosent matter as much as it would if mitsurugi got turned arround. tanoshkatta.
I played Guitar Freaks 7th mix. It's actually really fun! like, more fun that stupid beat mania. I want to go back and get really good at Guitar freaks, but it's kinda weird, cause you have to do the jacking off arm movements to play, and that was a disconcerting asocciation.
I havent gotten to play the Fist of the Noth star game yet, but I watched Joe and Yoshi play it. it's not as violent as the show, but it looks fun. cause you have to punch.

I think the coolest game that I got to play was the resident evil FPS arcade game, where two people team up, and each get their own screen and such, and you move by pulling or twisting a (it's like a semi automatic shape gun) that you hold like you would really hold it (realitivly) and you go around shooting things, finding secret power ups and taking keys from one part of the map to another in order to unlock the room to fight the boss. It was fun. the best part is that when you shoot and such, or walk the gun vibrates apporpriatly, so when you are just using the pistol, it's all tok! tok! when you shoot, but when you use the semi, it kicks like one (like not really, but it's the thought that counts, and the effect is certianly appreciated.)

my friend Will from Davis bought and installed the afterburner in his gba. it's really nice. like,....... you can see now! I've been playing castlevania, and I just beat the girl who rides on the skull. she was probably the easiest boss in the whole game. of course, I've gotten most of the cards, so I don't know if that is really helping me much or not. I just used the poision shield for the boss fights, because it breaks their projectiles, and then i just have to worry about avoiding the boss its self, which really isnt that hard. I like the appolo card howereve...... Once I beat Castlevania I will get the ONE PIECE gameboy color RPg. man, I managed to talk alot about video games.

It's weird to be of Drinking age (hahaha! I've reached legal drinking age before any of my friends, even patrick and Lauren!!!! hahaha! bet you didn't see that commming!!!) And I buy ramen alot. Beer and ramen go so well together, that it seems strange not to have beer with my ramen.

I havent been eating really well. foor is expensive here, and so I havent been getting a really balanced diet. I need my mom to send vitamens to me, so I dont get Pirate Scurvy!!!! yar maytie!!!! I played Warcraft 3. it's neat, but I've meally bad at it, but it's fun none the less. hrm... yeah... I found cool stores. I need to find someting to do here that dosent involve shopping/explicitly spending money. but I dont know if there is very much of that. I need to cut my hair, and maybe bleach it/die it again. I need to look more threatining. I saw some crazy Iori Pants when I was kicking it with Yaoi Joe on Saturday. I told myself that If I still wanted them in a few days I would go and buy them, and I still want them, and they're cheaper than if i had bought them at magical hot topic, so that's good. man, I wish I could get in on all the crazy Japanese fashion. I did buy a rockin pirate bandanna. I tied it around my Arm Roranora Zoro Style, but right now I just have it hanging out of my back pocket emo/S&m Style. I want to buy another one of a different color, and then like tie them around my knees, so that they will look cool with my future iori pants. yeah, and I need to get some piercings. I felt silly getting piercings in Santa CRUz cause it's like "oooooo! you're really special now!!!" but I think here is would be better. Man, this school's hella small, so I can become more infamous than Rob, but with out the things that Rob is. Maybe more like Kresge Max. I've already made my bike all cool and stand out like his, so I think that's the direction I'm heading. Hrm...

My japanaese class is good. it's easy and it's all review, but it's review that I really wanted to have, so that makes me happy. Althoug I'm such a horrible student that I'm not getting the best grades in the class, and stupid gay-ass Carlito ass licker is. Stupid bitch trying to correct me. but at the same time I feel sorry for him, cause he's just a little Quiatie boy trying his hardest to learn Japanese. I think I'm just frusterated with myself for my short commings. and it's really due to my lazyness. that's pretty much the reason for anyting that sucks in my life is my lazyness. so I've been trying to combat that, and it's helping, but it still sucks. yeah..........

so the internet in Global house in addition to having a ass tight firewall, is down for now. so bal hbla. i'm in the library.

Yeah, Japan is neat. I am happy, and it's summer, and I'm still feeling like it's vacation. I need to figure out a budget, but I get hella money for the scholarship, so that's pretty damn nice. like, I dont have to been nearly as frugal as normal to do well with this. There is a Dir en Grey concert for $50 that I kinda want to go to. I mean, how often do you get to see Dir en Grey live? and I hear it's a small venu, so i'll be like 50 feet from their sick crazy manson esk stage performance. but I need to get on the ball and find tickets for that or something. hr,,,, Japanese is fun to say the workds of. I wish more people in the US that I know spoke Japanese. because then I could talk to them in Livejournal and Aim or osmetihg. but it's good that I dont have the internet, because it is bad and soul stealing.

Hrmmm.... shitsumon ga areba kitekudasai!
yeah... I reaslly like my bike, and I like riding it. I wish I had gotten the one with gears for $30 more. that was kinda silly not to, but oh well. I still have my phatty Kaizoku bike. even though some bird did take a gfiant shit on it. yeahb.

So, my room is very big, and the shared space is about the size of Lauren and Nates place. so it's like If I lived there with my own room joinging it, for like $400. it's hella cheap! hohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho! yeah. I'm havig fun for the most part. I want to see a movie. Power puff girls comes out in August I think. it's dubbed into japanese.

I bought a Pillows Cd. it's the Smile Cd from 2001. it's ok. not as much variety as I was hoping for. I also saw like 10 different Dragon Ash Cds. Dragon ash is like the japanese drunken tiger. I also so a concert video of dragon ash for like $7. and a Cornelious video for like $17. I didn't buy them cause I"m like (this is neat, but I dont reallyt need them) There's hella morning musume stuff. like, you can get morning musume stuff out of the capsule vending machines and stuff. like the ONE PIECE card game vending machines. I kind of want to figure out how to play that. hrm......... taihen desu ne..... yeah.... I bought a suica card, which is basically like a train card. it's exciting if you know what it is. Suika means watermellon, but their masccot is a penguin. how odd. i dont know. bohbi!

um, I've been seeing all sorts of shirts and signs and stuff with english on them that makes no sense. but they must sell them at secret japanese only places, because I have yet to see any for purchase. yar maytie!!!! chobi chobi chobi!!! I want to ride my bike more, but I dont really know where to go. I dont know. I'm just super lazy. I need to do my homework and studying when I get back to my room, so that tomorrow I can go and do fun stuff with other people!!!! huzzah! I need to get into shape. my stomach feels weird. like, I can feel it just hanging off me, sitting in this big ball of strange flesh on me. the taste that lingers and such. I want to write songs.
I've been singing alot, but just stuff with no words, or words that dont mean naything, but I wish I cou,d record my singing, and turn it into soemthjing cohesive. blah. yess. umn....

It's nice to be here by myself, and just throw my past behind me, and do everyhitng new. it's how helen must have felt running away to new york, and severing the ties behind her. but I keep thinking how I would llike to hang out here with people that I know really well. I dont know. It's going to be hard living with people who speak japanese. like, it's fine now cuase everyone is an American who speaks english, but during the year, there's only like 150/2500 people who are not japanese nationals. it will be strange living with them. hopefully my japanese will improve. and such. hrm.... I met one girl that was pretty cute. I'm going to see her on friday, because we are doing that voice acting thing together. I'll try and make friends with her, because she seems nice, and she speaks english well. I think the japanese girls who studied in Brittan are hella sexy! I like their accents. hrm.... I dont know what else to say. If you have questions or requests you can comment. yar.
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