July 31st, 2002

Luffy Crack

THe pirate flag.... is Finished!!!

スガイ!!! 新しいLJCLIENTをDOWNLOADしたよ!これはUNICODEを使っていてから日本語で書けるよ!最もすげい!
wow this new client can detect when your friends page is updated! that's 最もすげいね!
yeah. I don't have much to say at this point. other than I'm hungry. and I'm glad people are having fun. I was sick today, and thus stayed home. I think it's cause I didn't really sleep for two days, and then got lost and didn't come back until 2AM. that was too bad. I really like the way everyhitng looks on my computer. I really really like this comptuer.
I've been reading 沢山 Alot of ONE PIECE, and I'm really enjoying it. sure, it's got the Dragonballz/everyother anime triteness about it, but that's ok. What's not ok is that I still havent posted my pictures. I guess I"ll have to get a homestead account or something. whatever joe was talking about. Incidentally, Joe beat KOF 2000 using the Korean team without continuing, giving more creedence to my therory that Japanese arcades are all set really really easy. I mean, I beat Soul Calibur 2 with Voldo without losing a fight, and I got to heihatchi in Tekken 4 with paul with out losing (until someone challenged me and rapped me with king.) not to mention consistantly getting to almost the last fight in guilty gear on one coin. I dont know what it is... yes. I want to play more Capcom vs Snk. I've been improving my zangief. I beat some guy's AKuma using zangief, and this is a very fireball happy akuma we're talking about, so i really dont think he expected that.
so, my class is good. although I think I'm not putting my energies in the right place in my essays. I think gradewise, I should just use the flat out textbook grammar, because if I try to make it complicated I get points off. yeah... I asked my teacher wheater i should just do easy stuff or try new stuff and she's like "that's a very hard question" which i thought it wasn't because i should just not get points off if i fuck up the hard stuff that we havent learned yet.
it's really fun to be able to have everyone understand japanese. so like, I can speak japanese to people and they all understand it. it's not like when Lara just yells incomprehensibly at people in the fallafal place, although..l. I want a fallafal right now. I'm soooo hungry.... and I think I'm going to go and eat some more charlie brown Cereal, and be slightly less hungry. I want to do my 日本語の作文(nihongo no sakubun japanese essays) now. やった!jya... um... yes. It's fun. And getting lost is fun if you can get unlost. man, I saw this awesome 海賊(kaizoku pirate) belt in this store, but it was 130$ and I'm like, awww. I should just look on Ebay for it. stupid expensive ass Japanese trendy stuff. it's like $20 for a stupid bike chain bracelet!!!! i mean. 何だそれは?!?! じゃ。。。hopefuly people can visit soon. that would be 最も楽しい!!!
and yes.. chobi! I really like this new client. it supposrts unicode. jya!!! nihongo ha totemo tanoshiii!!! ahahahahahah おれは上手になっているよ!
haha. yes, and XP is good also. chobi. I don't know what else to say. i'm still trying to learn guitar desu. muuuu!
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Mega Man Party!


I feel like I should try and Aquitre a big audience of LJ people that I only know through the internet, and then have them post on my comments, and so I get like 20 comments like "cheer up, it's not so bad" if I ever post about being sad, which i dont do a whole lot of.

but then I thiink "{that's stupid." and do something else.
I'm confused why some people have me on their friend's page. such as Emika or Zoe, or Karen, cause I know that my journal hold no interest to them at all. but ever more so the people who are like friends of Cyrus or that I don't even know. I meank, the people who must have added me because I had a cool name or something. yah... 何だ?

japanese sucks cause you can't just hold down a key and get lots of the same letters, unless you do a or n or something.

んんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんあああああああああああああい言い言いいい言いいい言いいうううううううううう牛意zfdsんkljんs化jlflkjfdfsんlkbjdfんlkdflkj絵を利運trpウェぬヴ4r3んqp9うvぬ尾wm区鵜んづsんんvq dぬwn 差dんfj意qmんくwなくかnyだSふぉ位うあSぢおFnUISFN SADFSだ!!!
THAT WAS C663. C663. OH NUMber lock. i rmemebr...