August 1st, 2002

Mega Man Party!


I feel like I should try and Aquitre a big audience of LJ people that I only know through the internet, and then have them post on my comments, and so I get like 20 comments like "cheer up, it's not so bad" if I ever post about being sad, which i dont do a whole lot of.

but then I thiink "{that's stupid." and do something else.
I'm confused why some people have me on their friend's page. such as Emika or Zoe, or Karen, cause I know that my journal hold no interest to them at all. but ever more so the people who are like friends of Cyrus or that I don't even know. I meank, the people who must have added me because I had a cool name or something. yah... 何だ?

japanese sucks cause you can't just hold down a key and get lots of the same letters, unless you do a or n or something.

んんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんあああああああああああああい言い言いいい言いいい言いいうううううううううう牛意zfdsんkljんs化jlflkjfdfsんlkbjdfんlkdflkj絵を利運trpウェぬヴ4r3んqp9うvぬ尾wm区鵜んづsんんvq dぬwn 差dんfj意qmんくwなくかnyだSふぉ位うあSぢおFnUISFN SADFSだ!!!

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buh! I wasted all this time to beat stupid dracula, and there's only one ending?!?!?! well...
looks like I'll have to buy that ONE PIECE RPG for Game boy advance now. That makies me very happy!!!!!!

that was a very good game. I beat it without 7 of the cards. then I went and found all except the lower right 2, and then beat it, and it's the same. I guess I'll have to actaully do that battle arena thing to get 100% on the map or what ever... bloopy!
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