August 3rd, 2002


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yes! still the fighting game champion~~~!!!! ahahahahah!

so yesterday I bought Guilty Gear X Plus, and a nice Ps2 arcade stick (with all the buttons arcade style, not like gimpy namco controller with only 6 face buttons.) and someone else bought tekken tag, and we've just been playing that since friday. both of them. tekken is the favorite, but people still cant get enough of guilty gears pretty graphics, and street fighter like play. the one hit kills aren't nearly as cheap as we first suspected, because in an actual game against people it's hard to pull them off. so it's ok. but the computer falls to them easily most of the time. and you can do it right at the beginning, so it's like the first move and then hahahah, you win!!! hohohoho. yeah...

so tekken tag. I had some tough contenders, but my ability to still pull victories with team jack and yoshimitsu and anna earns me much admiration. it's rockin! soon we will have street fighter of some kind... yes... so... blah blah. I dont really know what I'm going to do after summer course. I mean, I have 2 weeks with no where really set up to stay, so that will be fun... yes... maybe I will stay in a capsule hotel for 2 weeks or something. hrm. I really don't know....

but yes. oh, and I watched Miyazaki's new movie with suprisingly high rate of comprehension. it's just as weird and obtuse as many other anime movies, but it was cool. it's kinda like a chinese ghost story (the animated one) in alot of the feel of the place. it was pretty creepy, but in a neat way. yeah, I dont know. you should see it. I think it was better than princess mononoke, because i felt that wasn't over the top enough. it was too grounded and slow. this is very interesting and exciting. it's like sen to sen something. yeah.1

hahah king of fighter's voice collection!
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