August 6th, 2002


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SOmeone bought Virtual fighter 4 for $13, and so now we can play tekken tag, guilty gear X plus, and VF4. soon I will buy Capcom vs SNK2 for $30. hahahahahah!~ I will dominate!!! desu!
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this squid jerky is the fucking nastiest tasting thing fucking ever!!!! damn.... it was hella cheap, but.. blah..... it tastes like squid, and not like jerky. maybe this is what people who don't like meat feel like. hrm.... desu. my magical arubaito (part time job) is looking to be about 10 hours of work only. that means that 10 hours at about 1500yen an hour... 15,000 (ichi man go sen en). so about 140-150$.

the picture of me with the pidgeon on my shoulder has another bird in front of the camera, so you can't see the pidgeo on my shoulder. which is too bad desu. pocky. I want to super party this weekend. hrm,... should have gone to the dining hall, but I didn't. man... hamburgers at mcdonalds are like 59yen each!!!! normally they're 80 yen, but now they are much cheaper, and that means I can get 4 hamburgers for like 200yen!!!! hellllll yeah!!!!! chobi! ugh have to get taste out of my mouth.

I need to do all my homework and crap. I should do a preemptive kanji writing thing to get it over with. I also need to practice talking like a 4 year old for my voice acting thing. blah. why do i even care about that so much? I can just sound crappy like the little boy in the kenshin OVA dub.
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I tried to eat some grain, but it turned out to be a bug and jumped away.

えと。。。何をするおれは? 困るよ。。。えと。。。。今GLOBALHOUSEに住んでいる事が分かてこの2週でどこに住んでいる事を全然分らないよ!!!英語で「BLAH」と言いけど。。。おれはえと。。。話す事を話せない。考えるはあまり何だ。。。沢山まるを使ったね。ちょっと変と思うね。

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