August 10th, 2002


I karaoked sinohara tomoe!

yay! last night I did all night KAraoke! it was awesome. at first I did songs in english, except I only know like brittney spears and disney songs, and other songs that are sung by women, so that was special, and then I was like, hey i wonder if they have that judy and mary song from kenshin. and so i looked in judy and mary, and then Mizuho (a really really cute japanese girl) showed me that they have an anime song section. so then I sung songs like It's Gonna rain, and the theme song to Dragon Ball Z (cha-la-head cha-la!). then I was like, I bet I know some other songs, and ended up singing THe sailor Moon intro and the japanese pokerap (which I had not listend to for at least 2 year, and since it was all in katakana (which im not as quick at reading) it was special.) Then I sung Survival by Glay, and then... I realized that they probably had ultra Relax by sinohara tomoe. and so I sung that!!! hahaha! that was awesome. everyone was impressed. I sung more songs, but I don't remember/they were stupid.

I really need to get it's gonna rain again. that is such a great song.
Since I hadn't seen the words to the japanese songs before I didn't actually know what the words were to most of them, despite knowing the tune. Luckily Mizuho helped me sing them, and since she has a really pretty voice it was good desu.

then yeah... blah blha blah I'm still tired from waiting for the first bus/first train and I finally got back home and slepted until 5:30, and the playstation2 is no here anymore, so that's too bad desu. muuuu I like butter desu! yeah... it was fun.

oh, also my voice action job is all over, and i got paid 20,000yen (about $200) huzzah! they're gonna send me a CD eventually when they finish it I suppose. it actually sounds pretty good. yar. blha blhakjnfdg
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