August 11th, 2002


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II sletp from 6AM to 10pm yesterday. and then I slept from 3AM to 1pm today. ok. I think I'm good to stay awake in class now.

that made no sense. my english is growing strange...
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Mega Man Party!

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IT's gonna rain...

hahaha. Such A silly song. It's really exciting cause at the kareoke place I got to see what the lyrics actually were. and written out they;re far more comprehendable. so That was rockin!!!!!
I'm really getting tired of these nasty ass chunks of food that get stuck in the back of my throat, and get covered in mucus and then sit there and adjetate me. and then i cant get them out, and so i have to stick my finger down my throught. on the "plus" side it helps me supressmy gag reflex, but I'm not sure how usefull that is.....
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    Bonnie Pink - Its Gonna Rain

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YEs! I managed to play THE SIMS for like most of the day. about 1-10:40. Seeing as I woke up at 1, that's pretyt lame.
but it was fun, and I made the utsukushi family and they're actually happy, and getting promotions, not all lame and sad like everyone else in the neighborhood. and I downloaded all these cool patches and stuff, and so now they all have really cool costumes, and i made it So you can Meet Sepiroth and Cid HighWind while wandering around in town. hahahah yesl. uh, yeah... now to do all my homework... hahahah fun fun.