August 16th, 2002

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today I bought stuff. 10,000 worth of stuff. but it's ok, cause it was the last day of class. I did my presentation today, and it was goodish, i talked for like 15 minutes too long. yes. And then I bought stuff, such as the space channel 5 soundtrack, and the tekken 2 soundtrack for a total of about 25 dollars combined. yes. and stuff. i need to brush my teeth more.

winamp3 is nice, but it's still pretty fucked up. this music is cool!
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    space channel 5-mexican Flyer Original

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blah, I want to ride ON mizuho's bike again!!!!!

I should really work on my comic instead of doing nothing right now....

oh yeah, I don't have a mouse, and I really don't want to photoshop with no mouse....
Mega Man Party!

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I think the Space Channel 5 sound track was a good by. the music is fun and intertaining. I remember when Adrian beat the game without dying the first time he played. that was fun to watch. blah baolh. I want to buy drum mania homeversion, and keyboard mania home version.... blha!!!