September 1st, 2002

Luffy Crack

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tomorrow i go back to the dorms. alot of good stuff has happened over the 2 weeks. I learned alot, and various nice feeling stuff. 気持ち.
so yeah. I got an e-mail a few days ago from my mom saying that they have to move out of the house, but I she didn:t elaborate. I think it:s cause of termites, but I don:t know if she meant like move out forever, or move out for a week while they have a circus. (fumeagating.) additionally I havent heard back from her. so if anyone goes by my house feel free to stop by and see what:s going on.
also, Lauren should have returned to her computer by now. I:m confused. I bought a present for Nick Dullin.
Last night I saw some Japanese bands, because Kaoru is friends with the members of two of the bands. My favorite band was 9 days wonder I bought their split with No knife, a san diego band. I was really empressed. Although the band that people came to see was envy, which was too hard core for my tastes, but not bad in their own respect. It was funny, cause the singer was super mellow/polite outside of the songs, and then he turned into this scarry hard core screaming guy during the songs. I bought a pin for 100 yen, just cause he seemed so jolly and kind. ano...
uh... yeah... I want to join the taiko Club (japanese drums) because they sound good, and have an amazing performance aspect.

on another note, Tsukuba (the school that my friend will goes to) compleatly sucks. it was like a janitor:s closet but with a window. and poo smeared on the walls.

Bust a move 2001 royaly sucks, and not even the weird dragqueen team can save it from being boring and pointless. (I:ll write more on it later.) also, THe ONE PIECE Game boy color game is really sweet. I think I wrote about it somewhere. yes...

so, I was keeping a log of stuff that happened, but I ginda got tooo lazy to update it everyday. but I:ll post it when i get back to my computer. desu............... ...... .....chobi.

um.... yeah...

OH, today I started to play dragon Quest 7 in japanese. it:s pretty fun. the diolouge is really simple, unlike FFX, which I really couldnt comprehend. it makes me want to play it in english. cha cha.
There:s this

oh yeah... I:ve had dreams about fighing with the teacher in High school and such like 3 times in the past 2 weeks. Like, I guess cause I:m so stress free, I have to imagine strees for myself. ah, I took too long typing, so now Kaoru:s in the shower, and I:ll have to wait for her. well, that means I can go down staris and play dragon quest 7 some more. plah.... I:ve got some good ideas for music. I really want to practice and be able to implement them.
I hear video game music. i will tell you more tomorrow.

and I think I:ll change all my pictures.... for lj. yes... I have ideas...