September 8th, 2002

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A realish update.

iyay! I Had some ideas! hrm... I can't sleep, cause I was up too late. so I'm on the comptuer again.
tomorrow, I'm gonna hopefully find my stuff. and then I'm gonna go and get a japanese credit card.
And I'm gonna buy a ps2 and drum mania for the lounge. and I'm gonna have my mom send me my flip flops, some vitamins, my german, and american army jackets, along with 4 ps2 controller extension cords, and the dvd remote for it. oh wait, the new ps2s come with a dvd remote. yes!...
and then I"m gonna see about getting some christmas tree lights in the lounge, and some DDR max, and so people will actually have a reason to be in there and such. huzzah!
additionaly, I'm going to cut and die my hair. and deposit the $1000 in japanese cash laying around my desk. that will be good.
next weekend, after Taiko club, I'm going to update the CMH page, and make open into a splash page for cm and cmh, and then i'm going to make the CM page have good stuff, and links to things such as pictures, and put an ifo page.
additionaly, I'm going to Redesign the CMH page, cause the old one had all this useless stuff on it, such as the greeting cards. I'm gonna streamline it into just next/last/any/home and maybe a link to info/media/links and put the cast thing under info. oh! I just thought of something obvious. The way I had the cast thing set up, it was really dumb. but if I make it use text boxes (or the original iframe, as nate calles them,) then I can just put whatever amount I want, and not have to break up the rediculous image thing I made to go around it. plus... It will have the option of people editing the text, and then it's like "you can make the cast info page say whatever you want!!!" but they'll be no way to save it, so it's just magical fun mystery time!

and tomorrow, I need to aquire a mouse. because I currently have none.
so this weekend, I'm gonna sit down, and organize the page. and I'm gonna pay the $20 for full membership, and then I'm gonna upload all the songs, and put the cds availible to buy off the internet. then I'm gonna do such things as subtly plug the zangief video to places such as penny arcade, and and hopefully get some attention from them. cause really, I've yet to find a song similar to the zangief song. and I think we can leverage that into stuff. additionally, I think Penny arcade would appreciate the ghosts and goblins song because it is A) Retro and B) Extreamly true. and I guess C) pretty good musicaly and D) funny, in a true, kinda gabe breaking the controllers kind of ways. I mean, my japanese roommate thought it was funny, and All he understood was the cursing and the screaming.
so yeah, but before I solicit people, I need to make the site all nice and not horrendous.
yes. on a different note, I need to find food. I havent been eating much, and it's kinda annoying. but tomorrow... I will find food. yes. and such.

Additionally, I'm really happy. This trip has just been great. and I'm really looking forward to it. I mean, even losing $500 worth of stuff isn't that bad, even if I dont find it. yeah! I'm happy, and I'm single, and I don't really care about being single, and I"m having fun and today I beat some guy in the arcade with level 1 chang. level 1 chang in his all pink colors. and the other guy was using akuma, ken and Ryu. and he beat random select cammy, pink colors; level 2 zangief in pink colors before I beat any of his guys. he was so mad that afterwards he shook the whole two monitor cabinet, and it was funny. yeah. Chang is good, cause you can send choi to hit high, and then hit them low at the same time, wich chang's super long range ducking kick. and his standing hard punch is insane. hahahahaha! and I was pink colors! yes!
also I want to buy Drum mania and leave it downstairs. tghi I think that would be fun.
so yeas, lots of doable things to do this week. I'm excited! hohohohohoho.
I wish I could sleep! but I can't cause my sleeping pattern is broken... plopy ployp.1
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