September 25th, 2002



I made like 3 comics today! I'm happy because now I'm "caught up" with comics from today until october 3rd. yay!

uh, yeah. now I'm tired. but my japanese is getting better, so that's good. but my homework doing skills are getting worse. blah blah blah... uh. yeas. so. The comic should auto update itself until sep3. sadly it dosent update itself to livejournal, but that's ok.
also, I added in an option to go to any comic from any page, which I should have done like 2 years ago, but didn't think about it, until Joe was like "I don't know how to use the internet! make it easier." but it's good, cause I should have thought about it. yeah.... uh. it's late, and I fgeeel kinda sick for being up late, and now I have to memorize kanji! yaya!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh yeah, I rebleached my hair. it's ok, but i cut it by myself, and it's all gthetoo, and now it looks better but not really less ghetto. I think I will pierce my nutsack.