September 29th, 2002


Megam man Attack! ロークマン バスタ!

hello. today is sunday, and that means that it's the one day where I'm not required to be doing stuff all day. which is nice. it's just as god supposedly intended it. I still havent found my stuff, but I need to get my passport, so I'm just gonna get a new one. I watched hedwig and the angry inch for the first time, and really enjoyed it. someone needs to send me mp3s of the soundtrack (i'm talking mostly to gabe, but i dont think he reads this anymore. oh, and here's the thing for J:

THis is said "hoshi" and it means star. it is used in most words dealing with stars and astronomy and stuff. I think it's cool.

This means Sky. it is said Ten. It is used more for words dealing with the sky and the atomoshphere, but sometimes used in words that deal with the stars. the thing is, this character aslso has a strong "heaven" element in it, so its use when refering to the stars is more "the heavens," or "the hevenly bodies" than "astro". it's also an overused (in my oppion) character. it's what is written on Akuma's back.


This is the equivilent of writting the english word astro in japanese. it is said "asutoro". this is the word used when japanese just use english words instead of japanese words, such as when they want to say "アストロナト" (asutoronato = astronaut ). I might work for your purposes, but it dosent have the cool old skool japanese feeling that the first two have.
so yes. there you go. I wrote this earlier on a different computer, but the browser encoded the text as jsl instead of unicode, and so it just came out garbage. and that was sad. but the explanations were better.

uh yes. so I've been having a blast. my taiko club is really fun, and I went to the first meeting of the cooking club. my room smells decent. I pierced my scrotum and that's pretty neat. and I think i figured out why my hair cutters stopped working... They needed to be recharged. also, I think Marvel vs Capcom 2 is out on PS2 and xbox. maybe I'll buy it for the social lounge. yeah! actaully I should buy Snk vs Capcom 2 first. yeah, that would be better. hrm... cause I'm not that good at marvel vs capcom 2. yeah... so... I like things.

Choji MOji was on the radio. KGO, a popular AM talk radio station played choji moji at like 2 in the afternoon. I think my mom heard it, but probably didn't recognize it. oh well. I'll ask her about it. uh... yeah. I go to the daycare, and play with the kids. I need to go and buy new games and thoes wierd like battling tops things so that I can be cool like the kids. that would rock. yeah. or else I should buy yugi o cards. hrm... someone should send me alot of yugio cards so that I can have ones in english. maybe i should order some. hey, I should get hero clicks or what ever, and teach the kids to play thoes. or I should make my own out of the ONe Piece characters. hey! that would be cool! wow. I should just make my own game, copying hero clicks... heheheheh I am invincible!

uh yeah. I think I want to take an intensive japanese class next quarter, cause I'm not hearing enough japanese. I hear too much english. so balh.....asf.afsdl ass dumplings! yeah.

I rented a cd. it was ex-morning musume people. it sounds exactly the same. but that's ok. I wish I had my tekken2 sound track back. i mean, I didn't even open it. balh! I should just give up. but yes. I still need to get my passport. and stuff. and I want my iori pants back. why did i leave them in the closet~?EW?@ buh! stupid!. hrm. I'll just more. yeah, they were only like $55 and that's not bad. that's like two bug meals at a resturant with friends. yar maytie! pochimoni.

uh, so the kids really liked my english pokemon games. they were suprised to see everything in english, and I was thinkng "well, what did you expect? you silly 3rd grader!" it sucks that you can't battle or trade. and stupid kids erased my One Piece save. oh well, I was like 1 hour into it, but only cause I read really slowly. I could get there again in 10 minutes or less.

hrm... I bought chicken at the store. and stuff. yeah. I watched hunt for red october last night. it was good. i thought it was going to be more suspensefull. the best part was when they started speaking in russian, and the subtitles were in japanese, and people were like "uh,,, ok" except for the people who could read the subtitles. man!!! Japanese people get super gyped! like they get so much translation cut out of the subtitles. people complain about japanese ==> english translations, well english ==> japnese is like only 20% of what's actually being said. like sometimes they just dont even put subtitles. like the people are saying important stuff, and the subtitle people are like "oh, they took english for 9 years, they can figure it out." eventhough most japanese' people english sucks ass. it's really weird. but yeah... I like ttoootth brushes. yeah. so yes. I don't know what to say. but I need a cd case now. and stuff. yeah! also time for my next installment of free money!

but today I need to read this big book, and there's a japanese test on tuesday, and that's kinda よばい (could be bad, could be good.) yar maytie! so yes. I dont know. I need to clean the shower soon. or something. I miss having the sims. but it's good. except not really. oh yeah, SFA3 for gba came out. I think I will buy 2 copies so that I can skool the kids at the day care. ahahahah! yes, it says it's only 4500yen! that's only like 45$! yay!
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