September 30th, 2002



hello. I have a test today. but yes. it will be fun. I just want to play with the kids and read and stuff. I have to do all this shit to get my passport. damn dman. balh. And I need to go to kichijoji. but it's ok, becasue my brand new street fighter zero 3 upper game should be in the mail today. hahahah. oh, and magically at the same time I registered an account with I got my first japanese spam at the e-mail i registered under... hrm... interesting... that was exciting and annoying at the same time. yeah... blah. I should clean up my room. bloppo kjs. I will go to class early, and write "caution the cat is strong" on the board, but it will be in japanese. um yes. Hooray for everything.
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