October 9th, 2002

MM2 ending


so I finally reach confirmation that my stuff was officially thrown out as trash. Apparently I am being punished for not following the directions to put it in bags or boxes that was given in Japanese to the students in April. blah blah poo head. so that means that I need to get a new copy of the sims:hot date, so I can play more. but really I shoudlnt' and I need new battery rechargers, and new Iori pants. that's the sad part, is that I lost my iori pants, and my nice vest, and nice goodwill shirts that my ex-girlfriends liked. wow, that's a word combination you rarely hear me say. Stupid ass cdex's cd==> mp3 routines are ghetto, and the mp3 is all crappy and scratcy like it's overgained or something. maybe I should stop using it. so yes, I'm kinda upset that I don't have my cd that was supposed to be an archive of all my personal pictures and movies and stuff, so I don't have things like will no ichi nichi and the various Real player movies that I sent to everyone. except I'm sure they're on Lauren or nate or kevin's computer. so, if someone can send me the "destiny of a lost flame" movie (the one with the Bust a groove2 dancing) and the Zelda Remix real player movie, that would make me happy. blah.
uh. hrm... yes. I dont know what to say. I think that things are at once too complicated and too simple. It's strange. hrm... yeah. blah blah. now I have to buy new iori pants, and a visor hot sync thingy. blah bolah bla. Monday is another holiday apparently. Taiko club is fun and awesome, and I wish I had more time to work on it. I need to do laundry. and such. blah. I need to do my homeowkr more reguralry. hrm. I wonder if I whined and acted sad more if people would give me stuff. probbaly not. hohohoho. the best part about working hard is that you sweat, and it goes in your eyebrows, and then you get to scrape all the dried salt out of your eyebrows, and eat it, and it's like "yay! free salt!" and then I'm happy. I wonder if I can put a potato in the toaster. that would be awesome. chobi mobsufhyesh. What would happen if I just dissapeared from Livejournal? would anything happen? maybe? maybe I'd just do other things more. or maybe I would 馬内を食べたい。。。だから最近隣の人はよく合うが時間があまりない今晩ミズホのmoderndance部をみた。実際彼女はすごい上手ので大好きね。今週の金曜日のcanada houseと言う寮のダーンスへいっしょに行きたいでも彼女はちょ忙しいから行けないかも。。。でもね。。。最近の話す合う事の時に「いっしょに遊ぼう」と言ったので。。。ああああああ!全然分らない!女の心は不思議な秘密だぜ!どうしよ。。。
もちろん知らせることは先週末はエドーさんの二年のこと。。。あまり説明出来ないの気がした。おれの考えはこの事もう終わったんだろう。でも悲しい時にいつでも彼と遊び時を思う出だす。今の生活いんついて。。。どんあ生き方のほうが良い?おれは今の生活をし方の方が良いけど実はあまり分らない。この音楽のせいでこの悲しい話を書いている。damn you せい!I refuse to let you influence the akachan!ハハハ今笑いているた!そうか。。。。
今十時四十一分ha! take that!おそきなちゃたかな。。。そう。。。なんて悲しすぎるんだろう!??!明日。。。quizがあった。。。うれしま太郎のstructureと思うそうかな。。。おれとミズホは良いかもう。何と考えるか?
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