November 12th, 2002

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Dear Chris:
Thank you for your resume and nice photos!
We have alreaday forwarded your resume and photos to the video production company this morning and was informed that you are the only applicant who applied for this position so far.
The audition will be held on Saturday, Nov. 23 around 2 p.m. in Roppongi ( we will send you a map later.)

The shooting will be held in a studio and in a high school in Tokyo area and it is expected that you will be tied up around 12 hours per day! (but the compensation is still \30,000/day). The shooting days required will be 2-3 days because Tom Smith is a main character.

If you cannot accept the above condition, please let us know ASAP.

Thank you and kind regards,

Saiko Fukuda
Creer Corporation

yeah, I'm happy. Even if I wasn't getting paid $300/Day I would be happy, just cause I get to be in front of the Camera. I should really concentrate on this more!
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    happy music. I want to play more video games!

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1:45 yes! it's late night writting time! after finally finisheing my resume/work due monday, I slept all day, and now I'm nice and fresh. wow. I'm back on California time. I did play CapcomvsSNK2, and I can get to shin akuma without continuing with Dhalsim on the highest difficulty now. of course, I still can't beat the god Damn fucking Boss MOde!!!! Fucking shin akumaQ!?@!?@!?#ij3 23jkgkjlfasd. I did however beat the game with Eagle and Maki without losing once, so I had a score of 1800 when I finally beat shin Akuma. that was cool. Eagle is so much better when you can press all the buttons. so is Maki. and I want to do Rock, because I really like characters with counters. Stupid ROck, kept countering Dhalsim's Arms and stuff!!!! that was matgically annoying. I need to get good with geese too, but his counters are stupid half circles, so it's hella hard to do. I hate half circles almost as much as I hate Double halfcircles!!!!! um what else. I dont know. uh. I dont think I ate much today. just like Pringles and some else that was really lame. oh. yeah, like pretzels. hrm,,,, I'm hungry. man, I wish it wasn't so fucking cold out, and then I could get food. or like drivethroughs. woah, they dont even have thoes here. that's crazy. bleep bloop! chobi! now I'm writting the stupid thoughts of the stupid 100 page book i read today, and then I have to write my "interview" essay about Japanese peoples;s Ideas of Sharing. except i only interviewed 2 people, so I'm just gonna hella make stuff up. hahahah. blah. School here is so easy compared to other places.
Man, I dont know what this whole "Japanese super student" stereotype is from, they're just as sstupid/lazy/air-headed as Americans, and Probably even worse. man. it's hella intense. but I got the cool acting job, so that's good. maybe soon I'll be in censured Japanese porn. that would rock! I will poo poo on someone's face! hahahahah.

2:16 AM
I want to watch the Final Fantasy movie again. that movie was cool. I liked the monsters. man, if only they had more interesting character design. what if the people looked like FFx people. that would be crazy/neat. FFX is funny cause like all the people are mostly naked. I wish it wasn't so linerar in the power up stuff. that stupid fight you had to do as kilmarhi was stupid. stupid poo. Kilmarhi was just stupid and worthless, and his limit breaks were 100% worthless. I dont understand the sacrafice attacks they keep putting into the game. man, they need to make like FFT complexity FF game. oh wait, I think that's what they tried to do with FFXI. that should be out for the computer soon. I kinda want to get it. I wonder if it'll work well. I dont know. I also want to sims again, but I really should cause it's just a big time waster, and if I have time to play that I should be working on my comic or studying, or at least hanging out with other people. bleep bloop. choibi! yar maytie! ok back to writting.


What kind of porno would you star in?

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How can I label you?

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This quiz had Rilo Kiley in one of the choices!!! yay! I likt this Avril Lavigne girl. she's got some groovy toons!
oh wow, that test has her as one of the test results. wow, this test is cool. I'm just listening to her, and it's like "look it's the same!!!"
ok: here it's good enough for speach notes.
I dont know what's going on in class tomorrow.
I should put the mermaid thing here so I can print it out too.
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Mega Man Party!






The mothers talked about how when they were growing up it was still ok to hit children, and they grew up in a very strict household. They both had older siblings, and thus, were made to share with them. They felt that having older siblings made them know their place in the social hierarchy, but they didn’t feel good about that. They said that they would often have to share their time and space with their family, and looking back they would have liked some personal space. I think this last part is influenced by their study of western thinking, so that in retrospect they have these oppionions.

二人三年生は他の人のように分け合うことが大切と言った。理由は仕事がある時その仕事はみんあの問題と言う訳だ。二年生は 仕事を分け合う問題だけを話していたので僕はびっくりした。その遊びとおちゃまとか問題について全然話しなかった。だからその遊ぶことについて聞いた。二年生はもちろんそのことは大切って言って説明してくれた。女の子は相手のうれしさについて考えたが男の子は自分が相手の持っているものをほし時分け合うことの方がいいと言った。