November 24th, 2002

Mega Man Party!

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blah. I went to karaoke, and spendt 2,000yen (about 20$) and it was fun. I fucking suck at karaoke. almost all the songs are not in my range, or like, they're girl songs, and yeah, it's ghetto, but it's loads of fun if you're hella drunk. I dontknow. I get my romantic hopes up, but I think it's nothing. blah blah blah. But I have fun here. it's like, not even foreign feeling to me anymore. Like I can picture the station so well in my head, and all the cool people.

oh, my friend bought the X box game that they've been talking about on Penny arcade. the mech game with the super controller! I willl get to play it tomorrow and give you the loddown.

it's almost 6 in the morning. I like my bike. driving it in the cold is kinda fun when one is drunk.