November 29th, 2002

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Raizin's entry has inspired me to write a LJ about my life, and try to keep it from being only about video games.

I played Guilty GearXX again today, and I realized that potemkin is sooooo much better in XX than in X. I mean, for example, his uppercut grab has a much bigger hit area, so now you can get people who are practically standing! also, his hits link together much better, so that you can Ducking HS the opponent into the air, hit them again with S and then grab them out of the sky with the uppercut. man, I practically took off half of Bridiget's life with that one, it was awesome!

I saw some guy beat the game with Ky today. when you win, it says "congradulations" and shows a picture of your character. that's pretty sad. Maybe the home version will have Tekken4 style endings with actual explanation and such.

Seb is getting pretty far in FF1 on WSC. that's good. he's nice. he's In kobe right now. I think it's really weird that we've been getting along so well recently, and that our Birthdays are the same day and year and month. I mean, how often does that happen.

Tomorrow is the first day of video taping. I need to go borrow a sweatshirt from colin. they want me to bring all these shirt things that I dont actually have. I mean, I look horrible in long sleve shirts1~~!!!!! why must I wear them?!?!?! blah!!!!!!!!!!! that sucks. man. but, for the money Im gettting it's gooed.

blah, I need to actually buy presents for people. I'm so bad at that. well, I usually get really good presents, but I'll suck here cause everything expensive, and I'll proabbaly just get Gatchapon for everyhong again. blepp bloop.

uh, yeah... I look sexy. I have pictures of myself. that I think I will post as soon as I upload them.
has bobby been doing anything fun?

I really wish that people would update more. but I dont update enough, and I dont type e-mails or anything like lauren does. I'm just "hey, send me things," but I'm really bad at sending things to other people. hrm... yeah... My new haircut looks nice however. yar maytei! baloh1jhdsfaknjldsfa

I told that lady that I'm going to the daycare for the last time on Monday, so she's gonna expect a report, and I havent really done it. and that sucks, and shit. kjndsdsfjnkdsf blah. but at least I can do that pretty no pressure, and then be done for the week!!!!! yes!!!!!!! then I just need to pay my fucking rent.

my roommate thought it was interesting that I talked to the haircutter in Japanese. wow I guess I DOn't speak much japanese to my roommates
excpet to Yasuo. bleep bloop. chobi! mar./fdlv jksd

I hope they aren't up late.;

I'm really happy again. that's good. I bought this hella rockin jacket, and met some nice japanese girls, and was all, hey! come to santa cruz.

oh yeah, I went to the UC thanksgiving thing tonight, and so I met lots of prospective UC bound foreign exchange students. that's cool right? yeah. I said "come to SC."

I need to write e-mail to Kaoru and her sister. I want to try and visit her sister, that would be cool. my Japanese is a bit better now. desu.

最後はもちろん日本語で書く。何かうれしい気持ち!明日はバイトの事のでちょっと心配している。多分すぐ寝るかな。や!!!!!!!!!!!あのPSXのFF1でどうして「sleeping bag」の以外に漢字が全然入っていない?!?!?!どうしてその一つ読めない言葉は漢字で書く?どして、例えば「ちから」が平仮名で書く???
全然分らない。!!!何か誰が愛してると思うでも彼は同じ気持ちがあるがどうかわからない。Maybe I'll find out when we watch the Street Fighter Porno together...

I have more to say, but it's getting late, so I leave you with THIS DAY IN RAIZIN'S LIVEJOURNAL HISTORY:
November 29, 2000. Back in the day when I would update livejournal in Stempifying amounts, I give you for journal entries within the space of three and a half hours. And here's an idea that went nowhere:
've decided to set up a website called ask Raizin's nipples, in which people can send in questions like "How can I get a boy to notice me?' or "Why don't my parents understand me?" and then I'll post it on the website and say "well Left nipple thinks blah blah blah, but right nipple thinks ooga buga," and also they can write movie reviews. Maybe I'll set that up, if I have some free time later. Oh, who am I kidding; I'll probably never get around to it.
This idea of course was the father of brinteysboobs, but like all things, I got bored of that as well. I also discuss auditions for Picasso at the Lapine Agile:
Today, I tried out for Avi's play, Picasso at the Ajiji Eh Abooboo. There's one character I might e interested in playing, and that's this guy named Shmendeman who comes in for like two seconds, does some wacky crap and then exits until the end of the play.
I posted my predictions for what the cast would be, and while I was able to foresee Ryan, Erik (wittyfool420), Harvey (flameseeker) and Fernando, I overlooked David (nocturno) and myself and somehow lacked the ability to predict Nick Burr. Traces of a naive Raizin lie elsewhere, in lines that reference how I'm not interested in Julie and what a good actress I think Carly is. I also recount a sad encounter with Dustin and close with:
A hypothetical question...
If I'm a guy, and I have a crush on another guy, and then I learn that that guy's gay, does that mean that I'm gay too?
Not quite sure what he was thinking there, on THIS DAY IN RAIZIN'S LIVEJOURNAL HISTORY!!!!1
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I think I daterapped someone's journal. hahahah. my head hurst,s. I should go to bed, but it's like when kevin has to poo, and the typing just keeps going one.? but anywways, tony kaku. I would like to meet thins TOny, he seensm populatr.! hahaha that's almost as funny as my kim chi warui joke!? Mochiron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! lfdvsd

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wHERE IS MOMOKO GONE TO? istr like a coment from the sky landing in my eye, the pace of laster year, apond a silky ear... or corn. to my dismay? hey hey! Shining like a vote of singing in the limelight, menny stay, time to me, I come for you to no one. Ketchistan. Mario conpiki dejino atshi dero.... roo ro ro robot! manyfj nsk 3298 9(**(* (*(* (** my journal needs more numbers and symbls.1

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Look I'm playuing Hack/Moria! yes! look I'm winnding!!!