December 2nd, 2002

Mega Man Party!

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hey bobby I made a Lyrics page.
it has the stuff you gave me, plus Zelda and Ghosts
also I added Harry potter rap and My new Mule

you should bug the chior people for the video of the original CHior concert, and then put it on the internet.

also, does anyone (kevin) have the realplayer videos of the Bust a move dancing as well as the "Zelda Remix" with the ketchup and stuff that I did with Adrian? I need to put them on the website.

also, bobby, if you have time, can you type up lyrics to tetsuo kaji's funky rap ( I think that since we have a video of it, we should have the lyrics) as well as any other songs? I'm goning to add I can only cry, since it's on the latest cd, and other stuff. and make it like at least in alphabetical order. I'll probably just put it up by CD. That would make the most sense I guess...

super choji moji!

ok. so...
I made an Information page for choji moji

I'm pretty tired now. I managed to stay up all night. man... tough. bleep ploop.

so, please go look at the page and then you'll yes butae

um, so lots of you are featured on the chojimoji members page. if you have things to add please contact me, cuase I know there are people/pictures that aren't on there yet.

uh: here:
this is the view from my window. this pic is like from a week and a half ago. it's all golden and red now. i'll take a new pic tomorrow.