December 9th, 2002


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oh my god!
I found the picture that my computer decided was going to be travi's user icon.

yes, so a day later than that first sentence, I'm here. yes! thast makes no sense.

um, so today was super grate! LIke Jon Yi LJ great.
Well, first it sucked because I had to be in Yoyogi at 8, and first I missed the special rapid chuo because it was sunday moprning and the trains are slightly different for some reason. so I got

Jumpin ahead to much taler. (that was supposed to say later... notice the letters are the same.) I dont think i've ever bought a cd and taken it home and been satisfied with it. like. yeah. at first I'm like, hrm... this is ok I guess. but then when I listen to it over and over again I'm like, "hey! this is nice!" and then I might acutally start to like it. I dont know. I think that's the reason why I dont buy cds. hrm... ALthough I still think my favorite soundtrack is Evita. maybe I just super over expect things? I dont know. blarg!

This is prompted by having bought the the Third Rilo Kiley CD. And I played some of it in Seby Seb's room, and like, Nothing really struck me. but he's like "hey, make a copy of this for me" which made me happy cause usually he listens to NIck Dulin music. such as massive attack and stuff. but then I remembered that when we (meaning like breanne and Julia and Nate Higly and I) went to see RIlo Kiley for the first time in San jose, we made him buy the cd cause we kind of liked the music but no one wanted to spend 10$ and so we made nate. and then I "borrowed" nates cd for like 2 weeks, and really started to like it. I rememebr Breaane listening to the CD and singing with it like after hearing the song once, and I"m like wow, that's pretty imprseeins, and she's like "yeah, well it's easy and predictable" and I was like "that's still prretty cool"

so Yeha, I thought that yoyogi was on Chuo line, but I guess it's not, and I didn't figure that out until I was TOkyo Station, which is the last stop. and by then I was already like 20 minutes late. and that sucked, and so I called, and was like, "uh, how do you get to yoyogi from shinjuku?" and yeah, they told me, and so I went back to shinjuuku and then stupid got on Yamanote, but I was like, wait I think I'm on the wrong side, and so I went to the other side right before the train came, and then I figured out that I had crossed to the wrong side, and so I didn't get back until the train had left from the correct side. so then I waited, and ultamatly got to stuoid yoyogi. and then the two people who are in charge were waiting for me at the ticket gate, but then I go to use my thing, and like the gates all like "no! go see the little man in the box!" and the people laughed at my horrible plight that everyhitng was going wronge, and so I finally got to the stupid stuido like over an hour late. and that was lame, but it really didn't matter, cause we were doing green screen that day, and like they still werent done setting up by the time I got there. so it's like I wasn't even late. so that was great!

THe shoot went really well, and like, All the things that I did went quickly, and I usually got things right on the first take. yeah. so then they fed us, and that was neat. and then I'm like "hey! this is rockin! now I have time to go to that other audition for the other educational video! the audition is in Akihabara, and it's only like 10 minutes away! yeaS! but I had to poo, and I was like, hrm, I dont need to poo at the studio, I'll do it later.
but Of course, you cant poo at the stations because they are guaranteed to be both dirty, and not have toilet paper, and also they are thoes horrible horrible japanese style squat toilets, that I still have yet to poo in!!!!! and so I'm like, I'll go to akihabara, and then go to a mcdonalds, and then poo there, because they always have westen style toilets. so I went there, and after like 10 minutes I found the McDonalds, and went poo, and it took hella long cause like, it went out alot, but still felt like some more would be comming in the next couple of minutes. but I didn't have time to wait ang let it take its sweet pooy time, so I then I left, and I was fine, cause I wasn't really going to poo more, so that made me happy.

Then I went back to where the station was. THen I was like, hrm need some quietish place to call this guy and tell him I actually can come to the audition, becuase I had e-mail him my resume and was like "I can't come because I have to shoot another video tape thingy" and he was all "well, I really liked your resume and if the producers and directors dont find someone they really want on sunday, they will maybe have more on monday. but they might not" so I was like "I should try to go to the sunday ones"
so I was like "hey! i should go in a phone booth!" and then I went in the phone booth and then I got stuff to take notes on ,a nd then I called and the person was some lady who only spoke japanese, and I was all calm and like "yeah, my name is Chris Webster. and I e-mailed and said that I coudln't come, but I actually can." and she's like, "uh ok. I'll have the guy who you're actually trying to talk to call you." and so she did. The really cool part is that I had an actual phone conversation with someone I didn't know about important stuff and it was 100% sucessfull!!!! that made me totally happy. then I waited for him to call me, and like, he did! and was like, get someone to tell you where the washington hotel is. and then he's like what did you say your name was, "and I'm like Chris webster" (blha quotes in the wrong place) and then he got really excited, and was like oh yeah! from the email1!!! yeah! come yeah! yeah!"

and I took that to be a good sign. so I asked someone how to get there, and he told me, and I was all "holy shit! it's exactly like the direction asking excercise in class!!!!!" and so I found it, except it was written in japanese, and i still was able to find it perfectly. and I saw some japanese guy standing outside the hotel, like looking up and down the street, so I knew I was in the right place! and then I'm all hey! and then he took me to the thing, and it was rockin! on the way there he said that this was a hard time to find foreigners for acting things cause most want to go back home. also he said that even though he asked for people in their 20s he got applicants in their 30s and 40s and even 50s. he sounded bemusedly exasparated about this. But yeah, he toally seemed excited that I was actually able to make it to the interview.

when I got there there were these two blond people that looked like Eddie Heideman except one was a man and they both like had super makeup on, and like

This "spectacular views" song on RIlo Kiley's third CD is good. it's got the kinda super upbeatness that Always kinda had. except it's more like guitary, and less cool like piano beepyness. yeah. that was the best song so far. oh wait, it's not done. it's still got 3 minutes to go. maybe this is why it's on the end, cause it's the best.

uh, yeah, so they were all like "hello! I look like a broadway actor stereotype!" with their "hello! I have my Stereotypical Black and White soft focusy Broadway actor head shot photo ffrom the actor's heardshot photo studio thing going on." and they were like super plastic. but I dont know. they were decent actors I guess. (cause I got to do my little reading with the woman) uh. yeah. then they left. and I think I did ok considering I had just gotten the script. but then I Had to introduce myself in Japanes, and that was cool cause like, we actually had to do that a million times in japanese, and I could say pretty much all I had to say. and that was good. then they had me read words. that was special. As I was looking over the script for 3 minutes I hear them talking about how cool it was that I had my resume on the internet. they also asked if I had been in comercials, and I said "not like super lavish comercials, but like for local tv and stuff"
which wasn't really accurate, but we'll just pretend that's what the "not-so-bi-monthly show" on my resume meant. so they thought that was neat. they asked me what my favorite actor was, and I said the guy in the movie Water Boys. and they said Some name and I'm like "yeah!" and yeah.....

So basically, I think it went really well, but regardless of if I got the part of whatever, I like super fluently used Japanese, and was like the most relaxed I had ever been at an Audition. I think I just like was feeling so good I didn't have time to be nervouse. and I think that's good, cause like If you're not like hella nervose (god I'm doing pat spelling) it's good cause maybe it means you feel not awkard and you're good at this or whatever. uh yeah.;

so then I went to Akihabara
wait, I was stil in akihabara, and I bought Cables for fumi's stupid switcher box, and then I like went to the Gamers store, which is the one that is in the Digi Charrot show thing. it's not really that special. in fact there's other stores that I think are much better. I called seb a few times during this period to see if he wanted to come to akihabara, but he's like "I;m in shinjuuku buyigng music." so I'm like "blah! I can't just go back home, so I'll go over there.

I think "The execution of all thigns" song is pretty good also. and the first track, but I've heard that to death. I need my A teens back. olasdkj

yeah, so I went to Shinjuuku to meet seb, and it took like helllllllla long to frciking get to the stupid "new south exit" because theres like 10 different exits, and I yeah, but we finally met up. and then we went to tower. and he was like "look! massive attack!" and I was like "it's that weird bug thing. I know I've seen it. it's like laying around my house or something." but it coulndt be. then I realized that Nick had that poster on his wall, and thus I'd spent like hella time staring at it. yeah. then I was like, hrm. lets see if for some odd reason they have Rilo KIley. and THEY DID! THEY HAD ONE CD AND IT WAS IN BETWEEN CD MARKER THINGS FOR "NAKED SONGS" AND "PIRATES" Which have nothing to do with "RI" but I thought it was cool that Pirates, Rilo Kiley and Naked songs (three things I love) were all right next to each other. so yeah. that was rockin!
and then Seb and I left, and just like wandered around. and then we wandered back to where we were. and then we're like "hey lets go in this building." and seb's loike I was there already but ok. and we meandered up like 14 floors of like moslty womens clothes. and stuff. and crap. and it took helllllllla long, and I dont even remember most of it, but I rememebr being at the top and sitting down cause I was hella tired. and then he's like "hey, come back to nishi kokubungi" (which is where he lives, like 5 stops from me, about 30 mintues away) and so we did. cause I'd never seen his bachlor pad. and it took hella long, but we had fun, and we went to this nice resturant, and I had speghetti and it was pretty good and filling, and all you can drink thing. and then he's like lets get this pudding thing and share it. and we did, and it was hella good! and he payed for it. and we talked about Friends and like Girlfriends and how we both want to find girlfriends who just want to play videogames and crap. and yeah. that kind of stuff. I think he wnjoys my company and that makes me happy, because I enjoy his. yay! uh. then we went to his room, and this is where the earlier part about playing rilo kiley comes in. and I looked at his beserk manga and it was super graphic. like fist of the north star level about. but like yeah. the artist must really like to draw corpses and like severed limbs and like hella graphic nasty stuff. it's pretty messed up. like fist of the noth star.

THen seb walked with me back to the station and then I went home, and it was hella nice because there were like 3 people on the train. and then I biked home. and it was raining. and there was like white stuff all over my jacket, and i'm like "this is odd" I dont know what it is, but I have some IDeas. (mostly like crap was dripping from the overpass, or more likely it's what happens when the jacket gets wet. yeah. hrm. 12:30 AM

wso then we had a ghetto dorm metting and it was dumb, and I need to sleep, and stuff. and Fumi already bought the cables for his thing, so my 500yen will not be used. blajnkfdsgkjnldsfg

ok, that's about it.
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