December 18th, 2002


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what the hell was I doing at that elks lodge concert?!?!?!?!!? man.... I shouldn't be allowed to watch that video and see what was really going on. man.....
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I just figured out that this Twin towers movie everyone's tlaking about is actually the lord of the rings movie, not something about the world trade center. wow

I told my mom I wanted the clerks Animation dvd and Mortal Kombat 5. and hella good functing american deoderant. and controller extenders. I think that's all I need that I can't get from this country.

I want to get the Sims hot date (so I can actually resume playing it, but it's probably better I dont get that until much later, as I dont want to sit at my computer more than I do.) I dont know what else I want for christmas. If anyeone wants to send stuff to me, get it to my mom before the 23rd. yes.

and look at the new choji moji movies at
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