January 1st, 2003


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Yes! I finally got back from my amaazing family vacation in tokyo an hour and a half away from where I live.
It was decent, I think my mom and sister had fun, except that my mom hurt her back, and it was hell aexpensive, but we got to be really close to monkeys and pidgeons landed on us, so that was cool. except for the satanic Nazi Death marches through the cold. but that's how all of my mom's vacations are like. Doing things that I normally hate to do, but for like a week straight is not what I consider a vacation.

but I got people really cool presents. THey will have to be sorted, and then be picked up. It was hard, and they're all kinda small, so don't get your hopes up.

also, I dont really mind people taking my stuff from my house, but make sure I get it back upon returning.

also, DONT TAKE MY TOYS!!!!!!! I think that's the only thing that I dont want anyone touching.

uih..... yeah. I"ll write mopre alaetf. first I need to look through my 200 new emails of spam for the 3 important ones.
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correction. There was not even 3 important e-mails. I think I should set up a filter that deletes all emails with the words "porn" "viagra" and "virgin"

I should probably add Brittney Spears to that list too.
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Mega Man Party!

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oh yeah, I was reading Kevin's post, and I remembered this:

I was showing My sister Soul Calibur II because Soul blade was her favorite psx game, and she was actaully good at it. So i picked Voldo and beat the first fight, and then made her play. and she beat the game without losing once using Voldo... Yeah, that's how easy Japanese arcades are set.

but she did all these cool things that I didn't know voldo could do. he's pretty good in Soul Calibur, and probably my favorite (along with asteroth) but in SCII he is like 3times more random. It's awesome cause no one else ever wants to play with him, so no one ever knows what he's cabable of, so you can do all this stuff that people dont expect, because they dont know what's possible. like where he rolls around like a tire, falls over, and explodes. yesh!
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