January 20th, 2003

MM2 ending


I hate this weather. I feel terrible, and I dont want to do anything. I just want to sit and hide from class. This happens every year about this time, and it's quite inconvienent. but I always really want to do things.

that's until I get to my room. THen I just want to sleep, and play on the interent. I want to read my books, but I need to prepare for the tests and stuff, so I can stop getting bad grades. man. This sucks blah blah blha.
I dont really expect anyone to get anything out of this entry. I'll just mark it up as another entry detailing a point in my life. fuck fuck fuck. hrm... I get really tired of my dreams. It's annoying when I see my dreams and it's like there's direct correlation to other things, and I"m like "I know exactly why I had that dream" cause it's like my "subconcious" talking, but it's really just like "this is what I've been worrying about, and this dream is a concentration of thoes 原因 and events and stuff. I feel like I need to be dependent on other people right now, but there's no one I really should be depending on.

man, I'm already scratching the "s" key's paint off with my nail. I hate that. blah.

I went to Akihabara with Sebation and Marshal. We bought Visor prisoms for Seb, and we got one for Laura. they were like less than $100. and they have the really good japanese dictonary. We might go back and get one for Pak san, cause he could use one. yeah. stupid everything.


昔々あの村に、ステキでかわいいロボートがいった。そのロボートの名前はチリちゃん。ちりちゃんは昔から、すっと小説の筆者になる夢を持っていた。しかし、チリちゃんが国軍人の作った物のでそんなに和楽的な事をさせられなかった。その風に毎日、チリちゃんの命令は子供を殺すのだった。 チリちゃんの心のなかでその事を嫌うがロボートから殺しざるを得ないだった。
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