January 31st, 2003


The 鉄拳4!

Seb bought Devil may Cry 2. It's two games for the price of ONe.

literaty!!! it's two compleatly seperate DVDs, so one person could be playing the girl game, and one person could be playing Dante. and like... be in different houses or something!!!!!!!!!

They start out similarly, but then they start to be different.

it's a pretty fun game. definantly different than the first. anyone who wants to play it, I say you should rent it and give it some time (if you've played the first one.) but if you;ve never played it before, it's maybe worth buying? I dont know. I dont know how to study. I have a big test tomorro.w I think I will sleep, and attempt to study tomorrow. but it sucks. I hate these tesats, I never know what the teacher wants. I hope I dont fail. blah1

Seb is annoying to play Tekken with, because he's super defensive, and just does stupid high/low/headbutt combos with lei, the stupid sweep kick with Law, and fast crap with China girl. but he does the exact same things over and over. The worst part is that it usually works pretty well. but if I just stand there sometimes I can get him. or if I just use yoshimitsu's ballarenia kick high/low combo that works sometimes, but it's never really fun. it's just like, "lets see if I can figure out what Lei's stupid high low hits are, so i can block them. I should go into practice, and just do the moves with the characters he uses, and see how they work.
Plus, My best characters are Marduk and Christie and yoshimitsu(well, I know all his moves. I'm still now very good with him,) and Paul is always a good back up. NIna is also good, and I usually win with her, but it's not very fun. BUt I try to use marduk, and then end up pressing the wrong button or something and doing high attacks instead of Low. Seb is annoying to fight because he has all the low hits down, and even if I block them, I dont have a really good way of punishing them. I need to figure out what to do when they're on the ground. or just learn a new character specifialy to jack him. I really should use bryan, cause no one really uses him. but I like marduk. I'm good against the computer, but Seb plays compleatly differently than the computer, and it's annoying stuff that dosent take too much skill to use, but takes skill to beat consistantly. hrm......... yar.....
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The main focus of DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball is the single player "vacation" where gamers choose a character to control through a two week stay on Zack Island. You see Zack has taken his gambling winnings seen a the end of DOA3, purchased an island in the middle of nowhere and tricked all of the female fighters from the DOA universe to show up there by promising a fourth DOA tournament. When they get there, the seven ladies, plus one newcomer realize they've been duped but decide two weeks of volleyball on an island paradise might be fun as well.