February 6th, 2003


(no subject)

I'm gonna go to the modeling/talent agent tomorrow. I'm nervous. I'm nervous, and all the deoderant I have dosent make me stop sweating, so I'm like hella sweating, and it sucks, cause you can hella see it. which isn't good, when I'm trying to look hella nice. ALso, I'm worried that I will try to replicate something cool that I did with my hair, and fail, and then have like ghetto hair and be like "I eat poo!!!!!" and that will suck. yar!
I updated my resume so now it's more bi-lingual, and I added pictures. hopefully this wont suck nuts in a bad way where you get hair in your teeth, and then bubba ass-ramms you.

here is a new picture of me

I hope this turns out well...