February 19th, 2003

Luffy Crack

I have a commitie meeting dotay?

THe magical part about my english is that it's not seperated from the japanese.
Everyone here speaks english and japanese, so if I'm like "I hella want to kuu that." people will know what I'm talking about. However, people (such as Cindy's livejournal) dont understand what that means, so if I'm like, "your lj icon is hella bimyou" then she dosent know what I mean. it's hella fushigi. My plan is to introduce Japanese words into english, but fuck them up and use them in gramatically incorrect ways like Japanese does to english. LIke, I'm gonna use verbs as nouns, and adjectival nouns and conjunctions and stuff like that. yeah! Cho suge! bimyou na koto.

Now I think I'll write my actual feelings in fushigi Japanese (fushigi means Mysterious)

今日のCommitie会から帰ったばかりだ。今度は前のようによかった。いろんな事を決めちゃって、いろんな意見を発表させた。なかなかべんりたったね。けど、どうして直樹は"I really think we should have Newspapers"という意見を持っているだべか?理由は全然ない。多分彼はPrinterを持っているから「Printerがないの苦しみ」が感じられないだろ。でも、それはOYRの問題だけじゃなくて、皆はPrinterを使わなちゃの時があったはずだ!!!Globalへ来る前に、Printerをもっていたか?多分、GHでPrinterがないのせいで自分のPrinterを買った。ま~~~寮会議の決めと比べるとCommitieの意見は意味ない。 そうね。。。

それは以上と思う。。。後は。。。おれの言いたい事が少ない。 KUSO!~!!!チューターについて何かやりたかった。Umm.明日UCセンータでサインーアップしなきゃね。おやおや。。。 気分的

oh yeah, I saw myu friend's band play. it was hella rockin. I also saw japanese boys in daipers Cover Rage against the machine. It sucked compared to Ray's band. yeah. yar maytie!
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I'm writting somehting about the dorm for the new Students. I was talking about how since it's co-ed, you dont


it was too complicated and not too funny. but same genderd intereaction is:
*onajisexual(see previous entry)

so, if the Rigours of homosexual interactions become unbarable, you can find solace in the other gender.

That's some damn nice prose. I don't understand Nate's journal. I drink APple juice. wow. PpPpPpPp it's like a stairs!
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Oh, another thing.

I'm making a Logo for my dorm, Global House ANy suggestions.

also, with regards to new student obligations I think we should have them Fingerpaint and/or Puffy paint their shirts. that would be hilarious! and then wear them. hahaha!
Mega Man Party!

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I always thought the RIFTS rpg world's idea of the "American Coalition" was pretty interesting. Because I could always see reality following that course. and it probably will.

or already has...