March 3rd, 2003


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I feel bad. I feel bad because I was at the kick out party for my club last night, and some of the girls asked me what the most important thing for getting a boyfriend was. They waited with excited happy faces, like children at christmas. I felt bad, because I knew that one of the most importnant things (especially in a japanese style, slow build up relationship,) is availibility. Not as in not going out with someone else, but like, having time after school and work to hang out with a boyfriend. and as I said it, all their faces sunk, because they knew that was the one thing that they could never really achieve. So I talked about how that was my experience in America. Then I made up something about how if both people are really busy, or like if they're both really busy together then it could still work, and they got excited again. but I knew that was untrue crap. yeah. it was hard.

Kevin's comic rocks. because I'm basically here by myelf, I"m gonna use this week to
1st: clean my room and do launry
2nd: fix Chojimoji stuff
3rd: restart CMH and/or make a choji moji music video. or both.
4th: read the last ONE PIECE comic.
5th: Read all the Big O comcis.
7th: figure out classes
8th Play pokemon.
9th other.

Gabe dosent play the guitar. But he does play the skin flute.

Man. sucks now. I can't even use my cunning to get around their stupidness like I was able to do for so long before.



Except fro their efficent CD making system they've lost all use to us.

yar. if only their didn't alread have so many songs in their storage.

I think I'm gonna have to just move all the mp3s to the choji moji server. which sucks cause now it's harder to track what is popular, and also it means that it's gonna take up like hella space, and bandwidth.

I think I'm only gonna put up like 20-30 songs, as opposed to everysinge 140 song.

yeah......................... uh. yeah. but like Gabe's song and shit. yar!
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Mega Man Party!

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I just realized that the movies in the day to day section are not from december, but rather from like April or March? wait. no.

damn, now I'm hella confused. hella. oh well. they will just remain december. hahaha.
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Mega Man Party!

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Once again, my computer has decided that is actually "tylers room" a gay porn site.
it's funny, because if I type it goes to the main page. but if I type like it tries to find the tylersroom/chojimoji and then tells me there is none along with pictures of some sort of gay orgy from the 80s.

except I really have to fucking get to my site, and so it's not funny nor even entertaining. it's just pissing me off!
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