March 4th, 2003

Luffy Crack

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I made a List of all the Choji Moji songs.

and a thing so that you can actually download a few, and it has all the tracklisting and crap. yeah!

look at it!!!

yes! it's 4 30! yes! Vacation totally rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, and Kevin. THe japanese people liked your Team Rocket Japan cd. Especially the cool track 13. THey're like "!!!!! it's that song that was really cool and old, but hella cool!!!!" that was rockin!

take more pictures of your cats.

I played Bomber man2. Brian Bought Secret of Mana 2, so I will get to play the fucking game 3 players, bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yar!!!!!!!!!!!

there was something else...

oh, bobby. the wavs you put on the website were all staticy and ghetto. oh well.
send any new stuff

next step, make the lyrics page not retarded, and then get some sort of cohesive design philosophy. yar.

I figured out how to make scan lines.

big O Manga is really neat.

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Mega Man Party!

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I'm all burnt out from updating the choji moji site.
I put like songs and song lyrics online, and changed the colors of somethings. and that's about it.

balh. yay. um. yes. yes. yeah.
wow, it's like midnight.

i'm hella hungry. this song is neat.

yeah. so look at the coolness of

and stuff........................
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